Odd Girl Out, Online Bullying

Ever since I first watched this movie when I was in middle school, I was always on the look out for people who could be bullying me. I don’t know why, but everytime I would watch this movie it would scare the shit of me. When I watched this for the first time I got so into it and started worrying myself over it. Since I’m handicapped it’s usually the first thing young kids go for. Making fun of how we do things, how we look, or whatever. Even though Alex Vega’s character “Vanessa” wasn’t handicapped, she was still tortured by her classmates by posting things about her online.

The Internet has its good things about it and then young teens start to use it to their advantage to make fun of others. It’s not right, sometimes creating a website that everybody can add each other on their profiles is a bad thing, they can take your pictures and edit them to draw attention that they think you should change and make fun of you for it. A website that I despise is Formspring, I had one but I never really used it. However, it’s a website that people, like classmates from school can post what they really think of you. Sadly, anybody can post whatever they want and be anonymous too.

Teens are easily targeted about anything they’re into: sports, music, clothes, and hobbies. Some teens are targeted by: looks, school grades, who they talk to or hang out with, or anything else that person or group can find on them. Online bullying is called Cyberbullying. It’s not right that young adults are using the Internet this way. We should STOP Cyberbullying for good. Go to this website: http://www.stopcyberbullying.org

At the bottom of the site there are little different colored squares by a question mark. There are three squares with ages that can help with explaining the ways how cyberbullying can happen. After the ages squares, there are three more: Green is for Parents, blue is for Teachers, and purple is for Law Enforcement. STOP CYBERBULLYING!

Guess Whose Backkkk…

I guess nobody stays dead long in Mystic Falls. Between all of the vampires and witches coming back to life. We would kind of understand if just one character on The Vampire Diaries stayed dead. First Vicki and Anna making their ways back into the season and at the end of tonight’s epside apparently Mason Lockwood is back for round two. Sadly though, I think Katherine is dead now. However she’s died so many times and came back to life it would not surprise me if she’s not.

I haven’t done a The Vampire Diaries summary in so long, I’ve even stopped my Dancing With The Stars weekly posts. My sleep is still messed up. I’m going to be up all night thinking about next week’s episode. What will happen? How will Tyler react to this? Better yet how will Mason react to his nephew turning into a Hybrid? Will he want his revenge on Damon? If somebody killed me, I’d go kill him too. But it ain’t like Elena and everybody has enough to be worried about right? Especially since Katherine has awaken Mikeal and Stefan has not be de-compelled by Klaus.