The Loudest Cry

I was watching Mad About You with my mom earlier and it was the one that Paul dies, well their checking accounts say he has died. I love that episode so much, and so does my mom. Especially the part when they go to the bank and Paul goes, “You know why its taking so long? Its not bank, its an ank.” Everybody just bursts out laughing whenever he says that. That episode kind of opened up a can of worms for me. A thought occured and it was, “if I died I wonder who would really miss me?” I did the bad thing and posting that onto Twitter. Good place to vent just not that smart of a thought to post. However somebody did respond to it and said she’d miss me. Well at least I got one.

I’ve been doing really good. Haven’t been depressed and had two good weeks and they might’ve been from my mom was off work and I actually got out of the house more often. I was doing really good until somebody went and started talking to me again and then it was like I thought “maybe things will be better this time.” We only talked for two days then she stopped again. I can’t think things will change everytime we talk. It will never happen so I should just give up. If I can get over all these guys why can’t I got past these friends I use to have?