Let’s Get Crazy

So I have two more full weeks and then two a couple days after that until my birthday. I’ve been told by my mom that we might celebrate my birthday a weekend before or after since she has to work that day because it just so happens to be a weekday. Surpringly I happen to like Tuesday’s. My horscope always says Tuesday and Wednesday are my good days, I still think it should be Tuesday and Thursday’s just because of The Vampire Diaries.

I want to have a fun birthday, since last time I got all my gifts but no cake. I also didn’t have a party at my nana’s like we always had. My 19th birthday sucked. Nothing was the same, it was like everybody forgot the party. I would love to have a party this year. Even though I’m not turning 21 this year, I do get to lose the “teen” at the end of my age. Yay for me! I hate being called a “teen” it seriously gets on my nerves!


I Can’t Hate You Anymore

So I’ve been thinking lately. Crazy enough about relationships. Throughout high school I wasn’t in a relationship with anybody, but I wanted to be. Looking back on everything I think I chased a few boys here and there. I got so mad whenever they’d get other girlfriends and leave me behind. I hated just being a friend towards them because I was willing to do anything to show them I was worth it just as much as the other girls were. I would get depressed and every person in my family would hate on them everytime they wouldn’t give me a change. Since I’ve never been in actual relationship before I don’t know how to really love somebody. I get the flirting down though. I learned that quickly.

Recently I’ve noticed myself still yearning that attention from certain guys that I went to school with. Some more than others. Actually just one. I’ve moved on from everybody else. Which is such a relieve! Some of the guys I learned quickly just weren’t worth all those tears and depressing songs I deciated them to. Now they don’t matter. It all doesn’t matter. I just wish I could get over this one though. He drives me crazy, In a good way, however he’s taken, but when are they ever not taken. I would never have a chance with him, it’s too late for a miracle I think. However he’s going to need one to get rid of this crush.

Favorite Halloween Movies

I wanted to do a Halloween treat. Two of my favorite movies that I love to watch in October. Well along with the Halloweentown movies that Disney Channel plays but ABC Family shows Beetlejuice. I know there’s a lot of Halloween movies out there like all the horror movies, those are not my cup of tea at all.

My mom loves Beetlejuice. I grow up on it. It’s the only movie of a guy whose dead and a couple who haunts their own house that I’m actually scared of. It’s a funny movie so I think it balances it out a little. I love this scene at the end, where Beetlejuice steals the guy’s number and he sprinkles stuff on his head and shrinks. That is what I say, Karma.

My second favorite, well anything Casper related is good. The original and the one “Casper Meets Wendy” who is played by Hilary Duff. I think I was my favorite. Even though nothing replaces the original movie. Both are good. I hated the lady in the first one. She irrated the crap out of me. Although Casper’s uncles did too. By the the second movie they weren’t bad.

I remember watching both movies and thinking, “gosh I wish all the ghosts were friendly.” As I got older I realized they are friendly, they’re just driving you crazy. I hope I never meet a ghost. I also hope what my mother keeps telling me they’re not real is true. My sister and papaw on the other hand kind of think his house is haunted. I never go in the living room by myself unless I am occupied with my phone. I am paranoid.

Book Review: Cut

I’m not into the real personal books. Especially if I know people who have ever done or talked about it. So I was a little worried about this book, and it was also my second choice. I didn’t even want to read it. My mom picked it out for me so I started reading for her. I knew she ordered it for me from our library so I looked it up to see what all it’s about. The Wikipedia summary was the reason why I was so worried about it.

Let’s just say the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover” works for everything. I had prepared myself that it was going to be very in your face and I thought it was suck. I was wrong. It started off kind of weird, the girl Callie who is the narrator thinking about her first time. The first time she cut and couldn’t stop herself. She is nicknamed “S.T” by her roommate Sydney, because she gives everyone the silent treatment. She pays attention to her surroundings and the other girls at Sea Pines.

It’s the first book that’s ever made me almost cry. I almost started crying at the end Chapter 2. The chapters are really long. There are only three chapters in the whole book. Which is another thing I wasn’t use to. I definitely recommend this book. Don’t be quick to judge it like I did. It’s a tear-jerker and can be personal if you know somebody who or use to cut themselves. It’s a sweet and yet vulnerable book.