Blow Me Away

Today is really windy. Fall here usually means windy days and colder nights. Which makes going to a Football game unbearable. The bleaches make your butt go numb and you can no longer feel anything in your body. However for me, since I can’t sit up on the bleaches my wheelchair is the next best thing. Guess what? It’s not much better either.

I don’t like the whole a shirt and a hoodie on top of that. Practically two pairs of pants and two pairs of socks on. I don’t have any shoes on. Mostly because we can’t find them and I really doubt they’d fit on my feet either. Sometimes I wear socks on my hands because the sleeves from the hoodie don’t really do the trick anymore. Especially on the really cold nights.

Despite all the coldness that the night brings. When its windy outside you either end up having a good or bad day depending on how you had your hair before you went outside. When it’s windy outside you can see which trees have changed completely in color, but most of the trees are just half green. Which are pretty, its like one side of the branches got burned somehow and the other got saved. It’s really pretty. That’s one of the things I love about fall.

In What Ways Do You Stand Out?

I stand out in a lot of ways. When I was in school I was the quiet and yet the one who smiled at everyone who was around me. I hated bothering people and letting others help me. So I stod out being the one who always wanted to be the good student I guess. Even though I was pretty far from it.

My hands and feet stand out the most. Well besides the wheelchair that’s closely behind. Everybody (especially little kids) ask me what’s wrong with your arms and feet? The kids will believe anything to be honest with you, not saying I’ve lied about it or anything but you can’t say Arothgryposis in front of them or they’ll ask a bunch of questions about it. Trust me, it’s happened and that was the last time I ever said that to a 6 year old.

Everytime I look at this picture makes me kind of irrated. I hate making a scene of myself. I hate the attention because everybody loves to stare me. Everytime I write, draw, or text everybody’s wondering eyes and heads lean down to actually watch me. Sometimes I don’t notice or care. This picture isn’t suppose to be a bad reminder because I found a way to text, take a picture of myself and other things that I normally do. It just is because everybody has made it clear that its cool.