Coconut Passion And Mango Temptation

I love scented things. Bath & Body Works is my sister’s favorite place to get her scented stuff. Well last weekend when we went to the mall, mom found out that Victoria’s Secret was having a sell on their perfume. 3 for $25 and 6 for $35 and you would get one free after purchase. We went with the second one. Mom and Emily got three and I got two. I got Coconut Passion in a lotion form and Mango Temptation in a spray form.

I don’t understand why I got my own. I’ve had pefume before and hardly ever used it. I have Jennifer Lopez perfume package of different scents of her “Glow” and I haven’t even put a dent in any of them. Its even been a couple years but yet I haven’t. So I have these two and I can’t even use them as my sister would for two reasons don’t anywhere as much as she does and my dad hates strong smells.