From Brothers, To Just Joe.

Say goodbye to the Jonas Brothers for awhile. Joe Jonas is doing his own thing. In my opinion he’s succeding in doing things himself. His first solo album is featured on Spotify and I am LOVING it! I’m not even missing his brothers Nick or Kevin. My sister has always liked the Jonas Brothers, and of course crushed on Joe. I didn’t start having a crush on Joe until after watching the first Camp Rock.

Now that he’s on his own everything seems a bit off. It looks different without Nick and Kevin. You could tell the difference between Nich and Joe’s voices.¬†Even the music sounds different as well. Before it was pop-rock and Joe played guitar. His new album sounds like hip hop and pop. You can even hear some electronic sounds in different songs. The songs are really good, lyically and all.

I can’t wait until my sister gets home from school and hears it too. I’m sure she’ll love it as much as I do. Especially the “Just In Love” remix with Lil Wayne. She’s into Lil Wayne now, so I know she’ll definitely like that. I can say, “Fast Life” is an amazing album! Really loving his change and hoping he does a second solo album when he has time after prompting his album.

List Three Jobs You’d Consider Pursuing If Feet Didn’t Matter.

Originally this was titled, “List Three Jobs You’d Consider Pursuing If Money Didn’t Matter” well I liked the sentence except I had to change one word. Money. It doesn’t really wrong me as much wanting a job that people would have a cow if they realized it was done who something did it with their feet. People are picky these days, and if something is off or different they freak. So I thought I’d keep the sentence and put “feet” in it. So here are my three jobs I’d consider pursuing.

  1. Chef – Surprising isn’t it? Ever since my nana would let my sister and I help her bake different things when we younger and since I use to be my dad’s taste tester I’ve been kind of wanting to be a chef. I watch Cooking and Food Network all the time! From the time I get up in the morning I will watch it. Cooking comes on at 7am on the weekdays. Food comes on at 8am on weekends. I have that down to a science now. I’d like to cook and bake but our counters are too high for me to reach.
  2. Dancer – I would love to be a dancer. This is what Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance does to you after a few seasons, but they’re not the only propgrams to blame. Every dance movies should be listed too. I would love to dance in three styles: Ballet, Hip Hop and Samba. Just one, well two if you think about it. I have long legs which is what you need to dance. Excvept I can’t support myself on my feet. My legs are like twigs. I’d probably break them easily.
  3. Vampire – Sorry, I had to. I couldn’t think of a third job, so I thought I’d put something fun on here instead. Could you imagine me as a vampire? I’d be one mean bitch. I bet you’re wondering who I’d feed off of first. It would either be every guy has rejected me, which is a lot. Or I could kill a few girls that I hated in high school. I’m feeling a little like Stefan Salvatore, on The Vampire Diaries. His new character for this season is ripper Stefan. He’s turned into the dark side again.