List Of Songs For The Next iTunes Cards.

I went a little overboard with this. I just wanted a list of about nine songs for this weekend’s iTunes card I should be getting when my mom and sister get their nails done. Well when I went on Spotify to get some more songs to put on my list I kept going and going. Before you know it, I have 26 songs on this list and that means I’m going to need more than one card for all of these songs. I’m going to hope it doesn’t get any bigger of songs will be going down the list. They aren’t in order or anything. So here you go! Here’s my list of songs for my next few cards, that’s actually sad to say really.

1. Lightweight – Demi Lovato
2. In The Dark – Dev
3. Badass – Saliva
4. Lies Of The Beautiful People – Sixx AM
5. Blow Me Away – Breaking Benjamin feat Valora
6. What You Want – Evansescence
7. Far Away – Marsha Ambrosius
8. Fight For Love – Elliott Yamin
9. Familiar Taste Of Posion – Halestorm
10. Understand – Christina Aguilera
11. Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) – Three 6 Mafia
12. Chasm – Flyleaf
13. Cassie – Flyleaf
14. So I Thought – Flyleaf
15. Enemy – Flyleaf
16. Fly Here Now – Leona Lewis
17. Let’s Get Crazy – Casse ft. Akon
18. Single – Natasha Bedingfield
19. 3 – Britney Spears
20. Hang With Me – Robyn
21. Miracle – Cascada
22. A Never Ending Dream – Cascada
23. Pyromania – Cascada
24. I Am Woman – Jordin Sparks
25. All Good Things (Come To An End) – Nelly Furtado
26. Mile In These Shoes – Jennifer Lopez

Sunday Rose

Sorry for not posting this yesterday but this wouldn’t load for me so now it will. Yesterday was Sunday, it started off at 8 o’clock two hours before the time my mom said we were going to get up, but I slept a total of 11 hours that night and I couldn’t force myself to sleep anymore. My mom and sister got up a little white afterwards and we didn’t get ready until 10. On the agenda that day was Walmart and maybe nana’s.

Well we went to nana’s first. Emily drove us there, wheelchair on the lift and all. She’s getting pretty good despite what she thinks really. We got there, my nana and I had nothing to really talk about besides how things went yesterday and if my outfit was cute or not. I wore my brown and blue, plaid shirt with my black pants that have buttons at the sleeves. I love those pants! Anyway, we told her about yesterday.

We had lunch there. Well everybody but me had lunch. Mom fed me beforehand and when she went to Subway she got me a Double Chocolate cookie. Actually Emily, Papaw, and I all got cookies. Nana didn’t want one and mom forgot about herself. By this time my mom and Emily took my regular wheelchair back to the house because we already established that we weren’t going to Walmart until next weekend. Here was the reason why. Mom and Emily were going to get their nails done at the Walmart. Well mom went through her checkbook and figured out that she didn’t have enough money for it. So Emily was going to work this week to pay for her nails. After mom’s only smoke break (which has got to be a record) she ended up changing her mind.

We took my nana’s push wheelchair. It sat in the back seat with me. Emily drove once again, but it was her first trip out of town driving. She did good too. We got to Walmart and I knew I wanted to look at three different places. Books. Posters. iTunes card. I already have 3 books in my room right now. Two are Library and one is mine. I haven’t even started on the one Library book I did want to read. They need to go back because I’m not in a reading frame of mind. We went over by the posters and saw this beautiful Footloose poster, and I almost took it. Then we kept looking. Emily found a Hangover II, Lil Wayne, and Drake posters. She ended up getting the Drake poster. I found two different Transformers posters. One of just Bumblebee and other was Autobots. I got that one instead. We grabbed my iTunes card at the check out line.