My Saturday

Today was a good day. I expected all four of us to go to the mall because dad usually wants to go to Gador Mountain. This time it was a girl’s day, which rarely happens since mom always had to work and Emily always had something else to do too. Even though our Saturday’s consist of going to my nana’s for lunch. I’ve done that three times this week. Not complaining. I don’t think I’ve gotten out of the house this many times in one week. Stayed at home for two whole days. Weird.

We went to Red Lobster (mom’s choice, she was the driver we didn’t have a choice) and afterwards went to the mall. I told you about how I was worried about my shoe problem and how it might come out. It did. I saw so many heels, and lots of purple ones too. Went into Charlotte Russe, it must be new because we’ve never been in there before. They had two different purple shoes. We went into Journey’s and I saw a guy that looked exactly like Linkin Park’s guitarist Brad Delson, not kidding either. Even my mom thought so!

We went into there and Charlotte Russe three times. Wet Seal we went in there about twice. Maurices was also twice too. Since I went online to look ahead of different shirts and pants. I had originally picked out four shirts and ended up buying only shirts from Vanity. I love it there! I went into Hot Topic hoping to buy a Linkin Park shirt for my friend since she doesn’t have a LP shirt yet and I really wanted to get her one. They didn’t have any adult sizes, just kids. That bummed me out. However the cashier has they had a poster but you had to order it online. So I’m getting a Linkin Park poster. FINALLY!

I only got a total of three things. Less than both my mom and sister combined. Although I did help pick out some of the shirts my sister got. She also helped me get mine off the racks and there was a mirror at my height and she put the shirts up to my chest to see if I’d actually like them or not. She also held the shirts so I could feel the glittery parts of the shirts on my hands. I hate glittery shirts because it is rough on my hands and bothers me for the whole day. I’m worried my pink striped shirt will bug me because it actually has glitter on it. So I’m crossing my toes it doesn’t.

My mom got her uniforms and some Altanta Braves stuff. She loves them. I wanted to get some Butler sweats and I actually found a pair just one problem they were XL. I have long legs but they’re not that long! They were stocked of shirts though, but I already have a Butler shirt. So I’m good there. Emily wanted this pink and black hoodie for Ball State but by this time she only had about $8. The whole day just rocked. I’m very proud of myself too I didn’t care people were staring at me everytime I went to update my Twitter on my phone. I also didn’t go crazy like I did the last time I went to the mall.