My High Heel Problem

So I’m really excited for tomorrow. One thing I’m not so excited about is my little problem with shoes. Mostly high heels. Even though it’s all shoes to be honest. It freaks me out that I’m handicapped and however I have a big thing for shoes. I get jealous when I see other women walking around in shoes and having a closet just for their heels.

The last time I went into Journey’s I had a hayday between dad making fun that I was into Converse and how he they were shoes from the 80’s. I bet that store cahier was pleased to hear my dad’s wonderful story. Luckily he wasn’t the reason why I was upset afterwards even though I was debating to either laugh at his story or find mom to shut him up. I don’t think it would have worked at all though.

I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen this time, but something always has to go wrong. Can’t get lucky all the time you know. I can’t wait to go though. I’m bringing my good wheelchair with us, that way I don’t get left and have somebody run me into things. I do that enough by myself. I hope that doesn’t happen either. That would be embrassing but at least maybe if I yell at them for having everything together with no space maybe they would get some sense to place things around for handicapped people to get around too.

Damn Words!

I have a problem with words. Always have and probably always will have a problem with them. I have a learning disability. I’ve had it since I started Elemantary school. I never really liked reading back then because I felt stupid reading out loud because I stumble on my words a lot when I read out loud. Since I was a freshman though, I’ve liked reading. Since they didn’t really have you read out loud unless we were reading Shakespere then I felt bad because my stumbles went come back to haunt me. Thank god we didn’t do that much. I think we only did that twice that whole year. So it wasn’t that bad.

I’m not the best at spelling words either. In middle school, we had these books that we could write in and did our spelling tests in as well. I would fail pretty much all of them. Nowadays, I’m not as bad as I use to be. Simple and big words are my biggest enemy. I can’t say both words without saying it wrong and somebody correcting me everytime I say it wrong. It gets annoying for me. Big words hate me. I should keep a mini dictionary with me so I can always look up a word that somebody says that I don’t get. I could have used that for Creative Writing teacher. He would always use big words and I had to ask my aide what the word meant afterwards. Why do words got to be on my bad side?

Short, One, Or No Sleeves At All.

So I was just looking at tops from a few stores that the mall has. Majority of all the shirts that I found were short sleeves, one shoulder sleeves, or no sleeves at all. Nobody understands that it’s not summer anymore. It’s fall, meaning long sleeves and hoodies kind of weather. I saw more shirts like these than anything. I shouldn’t really be complaining because I love shirts like these, but not in this kind of weather. It’s so crazy!

I’ve looked at about five or six websites already tonight. I’ve got the saving frame of mind. So I was only looking at tops that were on sale/clearance. I found a lot of those surprisingly. I’d buy shirts that don’t really cost a lot. My sister however would buy a few tops and jeans that are on the expensive side. Not judging her or anything, but Walmart is better. That’s all I got to say about that.

I only have about two stores that I actually want to go into. Vanity and Hot Topic. Vanity was the first store I looked at and I found a lot of tops I loved. They actually had a more variety of fall clothes than Macy’s and JCPenney’s. Which is quite sad to be honest with you. I even found some plaid shirts and floral shirts. I’m just hoping none of these shirts have anything that’s going to bug my hands. I can’t wear anything that has glittery crap on it on the front. My hands hate it. I also can’t wear anything in a V neck. They instantly become my “over the shoulder” shirts when they weren’t designed that way.

If you took me into Hot Topic aboutĀ four years ago, I would have killed you. There would be no way in hell I’d go into that store even if you killed me. Now, you can leave me in there for about an hour and I’d be set. My parents hate going in there. My sister and I love it, I also get a good laugh because my mom’s face everytime she sees somebody whose a bit different from the rest. I really want to go into Victoria’s Secret second line Pink too, but the last I went into there I spent about $60. Definitely looking ahead first. So bye!