What’s your middle name? Do you like it?

My middle name is Elizabeth. It’s a common name. An old-fashion name. Although its name that’s old-fasioned, somehow I got stuck with two very popular names. Meghan and Elizabeth. One with a different spelling and the other is just long. Hell, my full name is long. I don’t like it that long. I like short and unique names. So to answer the second question on my title, do you like it? Do I like my middle name? Yes, it does have its perks. Because since I have unique spelling first name and old name as my middle name. I want to name my kids, mostly girls with original first names and old middle names.

My sister Emily has the same but for her its backwards. She has the old name as a first and unique middle name(s). I’m still jealous of her for having the two middle names instead of just one like I do. She has the short name and unique middle names. That’s what I like. What the hell? However though, her middle name is Lindsey-Mae. It makes her full name a lot longer than mine. So I probably shouldn’t complain that much, actually both of our names are long. I’d like to know why our parents wanted us to have long names. My mom’s name is short. Dad’s medium conpared to both of ours combined. It’s just weird. Oh, if you’re wondering. She doesn’t even like her middle name(s) either.

I’m A Picnik Whore.

The other day I realized that I had forgotten a picture from my first Facebook account. So I opened up that Facebook grabbed that picture and a few others that I thought I needed to keep. I grabbed a few of my pictures of myself and then went on my “Picnik” album and saved a lot from that album. Afterwards I deleted my first account for good. I had it up all morning, I bet I freaked a bunch of people out that have both my old and new on their friends list, but don’t have it anymore.

Anyways, I uploaded the pictures. Deleted a lot of them because I don’t like keeping them on my laptop. It gets somewhat crowded if I keep a lot of them. I started thinking, I can actually redo a lot of my pictures that my family members have up on their profiles. My cousin Kristi and sister Emily like to take pictures of themselves, and if they’re not already in black and white it’s actually fun to edit their pictures. This is my cousin Kristi’s picture. This was a hard picture to edit, not as hard as her black and white, but this was close.

If you asked how I got this the way it is I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I saved about five pictures (or more) of hers and I don’t remember Emily’s. Since they both upload pictures a lot faster than everybody elses and have better quality of pictures its very easy to edit them and add lettering and stickers. However, explaining to a 76 year old is not all that fun. I will say that. I think I’m bad teacher or she has no patientence whatsoever. One of those though.


Today is the second of October. Our A/C is officially turned off and my room is still a freezer. It is 69 degrees in my room right now. I would love if our heater would come on though. Its even worse when it’s night. I don’t like having my fan on low and I don’t like my door slightly open. It’s sunny outside and doesn’t look windy today. Which is good because it’s been windy for the past two days. I just remembered two things I don’t like about fall/winter. My bones are already stiff and pop a lot. When it’s starting to get fall, my bones get even more stiffer and my muscles get really tight.

Something I am happy about is every month our movie channels add more movies to our line-up. I’ve already watched Tron: Legacy twice in the past two days. Now I’m watching I Am Number Four. Which I’ve already seen it. Now all I gotta watch for is Black Swan. I can’t watch at night. Because it’s considered a horror movie. I don’t want any nightmares at night. I already have less sleep I really don’t need anything else ruining the rest of it.

Tron: Legacy Move Review

Last night, one of our movie channels preimered Tron:Legacy. The remake of the old movie in the 80’s. I’ve never seen the first but my dad has, and who wouldn’t watch this one because it is a remake. I’m not too picky about if movies were made a few years ago, because the technology back then sucked. Not much they could do. Now they can do anything. I’m surprise I’m even saying this, but this movie is better than Back To The Future Part 2.

I love everything about this movie. Jeff Bridges (Kevin Flynn & Clu) and Bruce Boxleitner (Alan Bradley & Tron) both come back to play their roles in the first Tron movie that came out in 1982. Garrett Hedlund plays Sam Flynn, who is Kevin Flynn’s son. Olivia Wilde plays Quorra, who is a ISO and the last of her kind. Michael Sheen plays Castor/ Zuse. James Frain plays Jarvis, who is Clu’s right-hand man. Am I tempted to watch the first one? Not now.

I’m finally listening to the soundtrack right now. I’ve been wanting to listen to it, but I’ve been forgetting like always. If you’ve seen the first movie, and wondering if you should see the second one. I think you should. My dad’s not going to watch it, but that’s because he’s stubborn. If you haven’t watched the first one yet. I’d definitely watch this one. It’s really, really good.