New music time! Dev has been out for awhile now, however I’m a little slow at finding new, good music nowadays. If you like “Like A G6” by Far East Movement featuring The Cataracs or “Backseat” by New Boyz then you’ve already heard of her. Her name is Dev, she has been featured on a bunch of songs. Her debut album gets released on November 1, 2011. Which is also my birthday! I’ve been on a Dev kick for the past four days now. They’re just starting to play her new song, “In The Dark” on the radios and I’m loving it to pieces right now. I’ve posted four songs and I hope you guys enjoy them!

The Month Where The Leaves Start To Change

It’s finally October! The “fun” month for every kid and kid at heart adults. It’s the month where the leaves start to change colors. Stores bring out their Halloween stuff if they haven’t been doing that yet. Kids are paining pumpkins. Kids and adults are picking out costumes for Halloween. Everybody’s ready to go to haunted houses. However, I’m just ready for ABC plays “The Great Pumpkin” because I missed it last year.

Last night I went to the Homecoming football game. We lost, and I didn’t expect to talk to people. I thought I was going to be ignored like I was the weekend before and be pissed off the rest of the night. I actually prepared myself for that. Obviously God had other plans for me. Besides having a fun day with my mom and grandparents. I went to the game and actually had fun with that. I talked to ALOT of people, a few I haven’t seen in awhile and a few that I talk to but not as much.

I’m not doing dressing up this year. One of these years I will dress up as a Transformers. Its a sad goal, but true! I was a Punk Ballerina last year and nothing this year. I’m sure we’ll have to get candy for any of our neighbors or dad’s friends kids that come by. I think I’m just ready for the Disney Halloween movies start back up and Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin to come on. Ah! Childhood memories!