The Last Day

Today is Friday, it’s also the last day of September. It would be a nice day to hear “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day right about now. Instead I’m listening to “Been To Hell” by Hollywood Undead. I’ve been up since around 9 or 9:30am. Dad came in my room to take me to the bathroom before he went into town this morning. I probably got around five hours of sleep last night. My mom got less than me, but that’s understandable. After dad left, I got up and went on Twitter and Facebook. Realized that I forgot to grab a few things from my first Facebook before I deleted it last weekend. Including my drawing my friend did for me. Definitely need to keep that for sure. I reactivated that sucker again, and saved that picture and a few others. However, now that it’s windy here our internet wants to be a jerk and not work. So now I have both accounts open and I hope people don’t get confused.

I’ve been at my grandparent’s house most of the morning. Had lunch with them and my mom. My mom did some errands for them, but waiting to do the rest tomorrow when she’s got Emily with her to help. Mom went to the library earlier and got books for all three of us. She got four, and my sister and I got two. I have two by the same author and I don’t see myself getting through either one in a week like I did with Bristol’s book. I have Patricia McCormick’s books “Cut” and “Sold.” I was on Barnes & Nobles last month and found “Sold” and wanted to read it. “Cut” wasn’t on my list at first, mom found it and ordered it. What the hell though? I started reading that one first, just to see if it’s worth it.

Tonight is the Homecoming game for Football. I don’t know why I’m so excited for tonight. It’s just another game with a meaning. To me it’s another lonely night watching a sport game that I don’t understand. I should shut up because at least I’m getting out of the house. If it’s boring, then I’ll make my rounds but I’ll probably be disappointed by all the people who don’t want to talk to me and ignoring me the whole time. Hell, even smiling won’t work on these people anymore. Last weekend was funny though, the cheerleaders had Cheer Clinic for the little girls. This little girl at the game was at her mom’s leg not wanting to cheer and I went to smile and she gave me the most serious, frown I’ve ever seen in my life. It was priceless!

I’ll Help You Out, Even Before I Help Myself.

I’ve been a type of person that tries to make everybody happy. I will do anything in my power to get something to smile or laugh when they have a bad day. I’d rather do an all-nighter to save someone’s life or make it better than their day was. That’s just who I am. I’m a very understanding person. I care for everybody and try to help in anyway I can.

I’m also the type of person who forgives people. I’ve been pretty good about not holding guarges for too long. Some I just can’t seem to get over and then they’re some that are not worthy to keep anymore. I’ve been told to forgive people, by adults who haven’t even forgiven people who changed a part in their life. If you did something or they did to change your views on something, then that can teach you something. You learn from it, and then you move on. Simple as that.

I tend to give out more chances than two. Sometimes I give out three and I play it out like Baseball. There a lot of people in my life that I have given out more chances than anybody else. If you don’t give yourself or other people more chances than you lose a lot more than you gain. You lose a part of you whenever you give up on somerthing or someone. It could be good or bad. If it’s something you know or anybody else knows that’s not right than give them a chance to prove you wrong.

I give out advice a lot. Sometimes I don’t pay attention. believe, or do anything that I tell other people because of one known common fact. I’m stubborn. To one of my Twitter friends made me realize that what I did in high school to like me or notice me, was dumb. However now I can tell somebody who is going through that stage of wanting a guy to notice her to just relax and not over-think and make sure they don’t do what I did. It’s like their my kids. This is what I’d probably tell my kids. Just be yourself, stay confident, and DO NOT let anybody tell you different.

All you need in life is faith, some courage, and a way to get you out of misery when you’ve messed up something. Music was always my form of treatment. Nowadays, I use anything funny. Mostly Blue Collar Comedy Tour and Jeff Dunham. They work, trust me. If you’re in a jam and want to find ways to relieve it. I’m sure your family and friends will help you. If you don’t have anybody, click on my little “t” or “f”  for my Twitter and Facebook. Tell me what’s going on, and I’ll go from there. Three things before I go and leave this post. Relax. Breathe. Go For It.