What’s the funniest show on television these days?

Television these days are either so serious or have a reason to be on the air. Some like, Teen Mom or 16 & Pregnant had a purpose at the beginning to be on the air and now it’s like they want to be make teengers pregnant or they think if they get pregnant they can get on TV. It’s just wrong all over the place. Some shows are very inpisring like, “Switched At Birth” it’s about these two girls who recently found out they were switched when they were born. One girl is deaf and the other isn’t. It’s very different from some shows that are on the air now, but very inspiring since apparently babies get switched a lot.

Some shows are just all around hilarious too, those are the ones I usually go for. Despite the few mysterious and competition shows that I’ve gotten stuck to lately. The funny shows are my all-time favorite shows to watch. I know it says, “these days” but I’m going to do an all time funny shows on television.

  1. Full House – Full House has to be on this list. It was cute, had a purpose, and it was funny to watch. I think I liked when DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle were younger better. When Stephannie and Michelle were itty-bitty and their lines were crazy and adorable. Michelle’s “You got it dude!” and Stephanie’s “How rude.” I’m not just talking about the kids though. Uncle Joey and Jesse had some funny lines too. Uncle Joey’s impressions of Popeye would make me smile all the time. I think the girls kind of overshadowed them at times.
  2. The Cosby Show – Oh my gosh! The Cosby Show was a great show to watch and still is! When I’m not in the mood to watch one of my shows or anything else that’s on and The Cosby Show is on I’ll watch it. Rudy and Olivia were my favorite kids on the show. Rudy’s sassy but yet bossy charm with her boyfriend Bud. Olivia’s cute little smile but sassy tone about things. I love the episode when it’s their grandparents anniversary and they are sitting in the living room. Cliff turns on this old jazz song and the family comes down the stairs and starts lip-sncying to it and Rudy does her “BABY!” part. Gets me everytime!
  3. Home Improvemt – Yes, I’m putting this show on here. Tim Allen made a fool out of himself all the time and it was just hilarious. His character would try so hard to fix things but it would end in diseaster. I loved Mr. Wilson. His knowledge and wisdom was crazy, but a good balance to the show. The kids were funny as hell. Johnathon Taylor Thomas was a cutie pie, and of course I had a crush on him. He was the funny kid of the bunch.
  4. Mad About You – I have to add this, because for one I actually grew up on this show. It was just amazing! I know I already have a post about this so I’ll keep it short. Besides Paul and Jamie I did love everybody else on the cast. I think Mark and Lisa were my favorites though. They put were out there and crazy, but in a good way. I love the episode when Paul and Jamie are filming themselves for Paul’s work and Lisa comes in obviously not knowing there’s cameras at every angle of their apartment. She comes in and talks about her love/personal life and wants to borrow a shirt of Jamie’s and both are trying to get Lisa’s attention because Paul was still filming and Lisa was wearing a robe, she takes it off not only in front of Paul but also a camera pointing right at her. Priceless.
  5. Friends – Friends ruled the 90’s. Thank god for Nick At Nite for bringing them back for everybody who does all-nighters. I loved all the romance, even though I hate real love. I loved Ross and Rachel as a couple, but now that I’m starting to get back into now I actually liked Rachel and Joey more. It’s weird actually but I do. Monica and Chandler was amazing together too! Phoebe and Joey were the funny ones, and yet the most caring ones out of the bunch.
  6. Whose Line Is It Anyways? – This show was awesome! ABC Family is generous enough to reair it on there at midnight. I watch it everytime I feel like it and remember. My favorites are Wayne, Colin, and Ryan. If you haven’t yet. Go on YouTube and watch their bloopers. Oh my god! You’ll get a even bigger laugh out of the bloopers than the actual show. I still think they should have continues it.
  7. The Nanny – Fran Drescher is an amazing lady, plus she’s also very funny. I loved The Nanny! Still do. It deserves to be on this list. Especially on one of my lucky numbers. I was watching it last weekend and I was actually thinking and agreeing with an comment someone had left me on my past post about The Nanny. Niles and C.C. should have had a show of their own, but I think since they were married and expecting a child together it wouldn’t be exactly the same with them bricking back and forth.
  8. Reba – Reba was a show I started watching when we were living at my nana’s a few years back. My nana liked it a lot and not too long afterwards the rest of us got into it as well. It was a caring, adorable and ditzy kind of show. Cheyenne and Van were the best ever. JoAnna Garcia played “Cheyenne” and she was a ditzy, caring blonde. Steve Howry played “Van” he was the football player who gets Cheyenne pregnant during their senior year of high school and he’s just hilarious, but yet very sensitive in the later seasons.
  9. Everybody Loves Raymond – I know I also did a post this too. Everybody Loves Raymond was a good show to watch. It would scare the living hell out of all the newlywed couples to make sure they don’t move close their in-laws. If my in-laws were like Frank and Marie, I’d be filing for divorce even before the relationship got that serious, but I’d love to have a brother-in-law like Robert anyday.
  10. Two And A Half Men – This has to be on my list. I got everybody into it and the new season started last week so that just makes everything that much better. Charlie Sheen maybe not be on the show anymore, but I think Ashton Kutcher would be awesome on it. I watched the first episode of the season last weekend and loved it. Alan is my favorite character besides Breta. Oh my god! She’s a hoot! I liked the episodes when Jake was younger. He was more funny back then. They always give the kids the good lines even though Breta might have him beat.

One thought on “What’s the funniest show on television these days?

  1. There are tons of good tv shows to choose from to say it’s the best. No matter what is said though, there is no doubt that this show ranks in the top five of all of them. Yes, there are shows that are a bit older but this one still has charm. There is comedy, humor, and a little politics, easily moving it up to the top. They just don’t make them like this nowadays.


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