Dancing With The Stars, Week #2.


It’s Monday night again. Which means Dancing With The Stars is on and more dances were performed. Quick Step and the Jive were the two dances that were chosen this week. It’s Week 2 and everybody’s feeling the heat. Wonder whose getting voted off the Island, oh sorry! Wrong show! Wonder whose getting voted off the dance floor this week? Wait until tomorrow, during hour number two. Let’s get this started.


The night starts off the contestants coming down the stairs and Tom and Brooke introducing them. The band playing the them song. Everybody enjoying, waving, kissing, getting ready for the show to begin. The costumes look amazing (just saying!) and they seem very excited.


First of the night is Hope and Maksim. They have the Jive! Maks traveled to Canada to see her play soccer. Hope doesn’t understand the steps of the Jive. She has practice for soccer in the morning and dance practice in the afternoon. Their performance was very sporty… Hope kissed Len’s head at the end of the performance.. Len started off and he said it was quick and they lost their unison. First out, first class. Bruno thinks she lost her steps lots of times. She needs time and apply herself. Carrie-Ann loved it and she agreed with Bruno she did lose her steps. Scores were two 6’s and one 7.


Kristin and Mark are the second couple to go of the night. They have the Quick Step. Kristin needs to work on being a performer and show her confidence. Kristin looks like Marilyn Monroe, and they even played “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” by Ms. Monroe. Bruno loves the old Hollywood glamour and thought she was losing her fame. Len scooted over towards Carrie-Ann. Carrie-Ann thought she was elegant and thought it was gorgeous. Len thought she looked fantastic, but thought it wasn’t as good as it looked. However, it was a good improvement from last week. Their scores were an 8 and two 7’s.


David and Kym were third and they are dancing to the Jive. David thinks the Jive is like him, very energetic. He needs to relax during the dance. I actually liked this dance a lot. Carrie-Ann said Carson has competition. He let lose and maybe a little too lose. Len was almost speechless. The technique wasn’t there. He liked the enthusiasm, but it was a little too bit wild. Bruno lost the timing but saw the confidence. David’s daughter Coco caught his coat. Their scores were all 6’s.


Elisabetta and Val were forth and they were second to last place on the bottom. They are dancing to the Quick Step. Elisabetta is not getting the steps and Val is worried. They argued during the taping of the rehearsal. Len is first said it wasn’t great but it was better than last week. Bruno liked it and thought it was hot. Carrie-Ann said she came back and nailed the steps. Their scores were all 7’s.


Rob and Cheryl were sixth in line and they have the Jive. Rob feels uncomfortable doing the Jive. He doesn’t feel comfortable with himself and his looks. He even put a hole in the wall with his foot. He tried to jump. This dace is a beach theme and yet feels 50’s style too. He had a standing ovation. Bruno said he was starting to blossom. Great improvement. Carrie-Ann said Rob was better than his sister Kim. Len said it was a good improvement. Their scores were all 7’s.


Carson and Anna were seventh Carson thought he’d like the Jive but later found out he doesn’t. He doesn’t get the coordination. He is really serious and willing to put in the work. Carrie-Ann saw improvement but yet didn’t really see it. Was worried about their kicks. Len said the worst dancers on the show are the most funniest on the show. Bruno thinks he lots to work on his techniques. They got 6’s.


Ricki and Derek were eighth. Derek is challenging Ricki on this Jive. Had lots of lefts and spins to it. Very good actually. Len was disturbed a little bit, he liked the fun of it. Didn’t think it had Jive. Bruno said they did the kicks and flicks the best. Carrie-Ann said best Jive of the night so far. Their scores were two 8’s and a 7.


Chaz and Lacey were ninth. Chaz had knee problems with his knee. They are dancing to the Quick Step. He went to the doctor and got medicine to help stop the swelling. Bruno thought it was cute but thought it wasn’t fast. Carrie-Ann could see the pain in his face. Len admire his grit and he got through it, and also didn’t like it either. Their scores were two 6’s and a 5.


Chynna and Tony were tenth. They danced to the Jive. Tony loves teaching Chynna and thinks she’s feisty. Says she’s a little hard on herself. Carrie-Ann really enjoyed watching Chynna. Thought she played it safe. Len thought it was good but not great. Bruno thought there is a sexy siren under. The judges seem a bit disappointed. Their scores were all 7’s.


Nancy and Tristan were eleventh. They danced to the Quick Step. Nancy doesn’t feel comfortable with the dancing. Nancy shut down during practice. She wants to bring her confidence to the Quick Step. Len thought it was refreshing. It was proper Quick Step. Bruno thought it was top heavy, but thought it was good. Carrie-Ann saw improvement, loved the teamwork. Their scores were a 6, 8, and 7. Len was the one who gave them the 8.


J.R. and Karina were last to go. They are dancing to the Jive. Karina is really challenging J.R. and made it very hard for him. I loved it! It was very good! Bruno thought he had a feel from within you. Carrie-Ann loved it, but didn’t like the lift. Len thought it was good, but didn’t think it was a Jive. Too much lifting. Their scores were two 7’s and a 8.

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