When In Rome: Movie Review

I just got done watching When In Rome. I was in a movie mood and it was the only movie on our movie channels that sounded interesting. I’m not much of a “chick flick” kind of girl. Not into romance, but I love comedy. Josh Duhamel is just cute, so that’s the other reason why I watched it. I like Kristen Bell too. She’s really good and funny at times.

This movie was funny, and very romantic. I’ve always heard Paris, France was the most romantic place in the world. I guess, Italy is second in line. Kristen Bell’s character kind of reminded of myself and how I think of love. Don’t really like it, or believe it. It seems like there’s nobody in this world for me. After everybody tells me that there is somebody out there. I roll my eyes. I’m afraid to trust a man and I think I just refuse to fall in love because I don’t want my heart-broken.

Can I find myself in Italy, drunk, and talking to a statue in a fountain? No way! Especially if I took four coins from it with those consequences. Too creepy for me. I would buy a mini spray bottle of mace for myself.  Would I like to find a guy that’s similar to Josh? Oh yes, I think every girl/woman would love to find a guy like him.  

All in all, I really loved this movie. I laughed my ass off on some parts. Josh’s character really makes me wish al guys were sensitive, kind, lovable, and hilarious. If I found a guy with all these charactertics I’d be set to go with life. Oh, maybe I should “open up to love” like Beth’s father said to her at the beginning of the movie. If I could do that I probably wouldn’t be so sad all the time.

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