Mad About You Is Back!

When I was little, probably around 8 or 9 years old. My mom got into this show that will forever change my life and several members lives too. Back when VHS was still popular and all the VCR’s still worked without screwing up. My uncle David would tape every single episode. We have about 7 tapes of just Mad About You episodes.

However now since our VCR doesn’t want to work on my TV anymore I can’t watch my favorite show. To be honest, I don’t even know where these tapes are anyways. My uncle does have the DVD’s and trust me, we have borrowed them. Kept them more than two weeks because I was addicted. I will always be addicted.

My favorite episode is the first Thanksgiving. Oh my gosh! It is the most hilarious out of the bunch. I love it! Could I ever do that? Hell no! I would have told the dog ate the turkey. In my family, we would would probably laugh our asses off and all of us would know about it. Another episode I love is the one Jamie is pregnant and she tells Paul the baby kicked and Paul is talking to the baby and they replay different scenes from other episodes.

There’s a favorite scene throughout the whole show. From all the episodes. It’s the scene of when Jamie and Paul go out for their anniversary and they were the cab and they stopped at the light and see the newspaper stand where they met.┬áJamie said “you know what it would be like if we didn’t meet there?” Then that changed the whole episode and they relive that night when they met. Their British neighbors before they live next door, lived in their apartment. Paul and Jamie go to their apartment and find it’s occupied. Paul’s looking around for their dog Murray, and Jamie asks where’s their couch. The lady that is their neighbor goes, “you have a couch named Murray?” Oh my gosh! My sister can say that so good that it literally makes everybody in my family start laughing.

The Chocolate Invade!

I am in a candy mood. I should say my sweet tooth is about to go freaking crazy at the moment. I didn’t know our teeth could figure out that it’s almost October. I, sometimes like to call October “candy month.” It works you can’t deny that. Anyways, can our teeth know it’s almost October or am I just losing it? To the ones that voted “losing it” you might be the smartest people ever!

I think I can call myself a chocoholic. Anytime I see chocolate, I either die inside because somebody is eating chocolate and won’t share with me. Or get very happy because I have something sweet swirling around my insides and making me feel very awake. Even though one time I ate chocolate and I actually got pretty tired. I don’t know what was up with that.

At the movies, I always get Starburst. Sometimes I get popcorn but that’s rarely since I can’t feed it to myself and whoever is with me is usually watching the movie more than me because I’m sitting in my seat trying to figure out when the movie hits a dull spot to ask for more popcorn. When I have Starburst, I can make it last more and it doesn’t get stuck in my teeth. SCORE! I don’t know why I don’t get any chocolate maybe because of the pieces. I don’t know.

So I have about two or three favorite candy bars. I love Crunch bars, Twix, and Kit Kat’s. During my senior year before going into Concert Choir my aide and I would make a pit stop at the vending machine and buy something to munch on in either choir or have a desert after lunch. I would mostly eat whatever I got in a class. I would either get Twix, Poptarts, or cheesy Chex Mix. Those would be my main 3 snacks because they were very good and we’re in good amount in the bag.

I have got to say this Twix bar looks better than the Crunch bar at the moment. I would love to have one right now. I should say two, since it does come in two. You know I don’t like Carmel that much but I love it in this candy bar. I don’t why, but it works well with this better than any other candy bar.

I use to love Snickers, but I can’t eat it without my stomach hurts afterwards. I don’t know why it does it, but one year my dad got it for me every morning for the whole week and by the third day my stomach hurt like hell. The day I told everybody “no more Snickers” they thought I was crazy. Because I use to be so crazy for it, but you can get tired of something. Obviously a candy bar isn’t a exception. When I was little I was addicted to Butterfingers, especially the little balls. Oh my goodness they were so good! Then they changed the damn rescipe and ruined the entire candy bar! I do love Reese’s but I think I have had a few too many and got tired of it over the years.