Almost October

It is almost October. I think one more week until the month of cute costumes, yummy candy, and the one thing I can’t stand. Scary movie previews everywhere on TV. Lovely! The first two I can deal with but the last one I hate with a passion. When I was on Google looking for a picture. I had this one thought I had to pick the cutest picture, this was the winner! She’s so adorable!

I dressed up last year and so did my sister too. Mom was generous enough to let us get costumes for Halloween. What was confusing though was that Halloween for us wasn’t celebrated on the actual day. It was celebrated the weekend before. It actually sucked since I wanted to eat candy on my birthday. Which is probably the reason why my birthday sucked anyway.

I doubt I’ll be out and about this year. Even though it was fun but a little Miss somebody wanted to ruin our fun because she didn’t like her costume, even though we all thought it was cute. She was dressed up as a witch, she was definitely a bitch that night. I don’t see myself dressing up this year especially¬†since Halloween¬†is on a Monday. Which people will change it to the weekend before. No scense in it this year.

Vote For Linkin Park!

Linkin Park is nominated for two EMA (Europe Music Awards). They are nominated for “Best Rock” and “Best World Stage.” This link doesn’t ask for you to sign in. Just click the “Vote” and you’re set to go! Linkin Park should definitely won at least one, I would and I know every single of their fans would be excited if they won both. Vote for them. Thanks! (: