First Week Done.

I’m so glad I’m only doing weekly posts on Dancing With The Stars. It’s so hectic trying to remember everybody’s thoughts and feelings of what’s going on and trying to type it all out. So much rushing, My toes can type fast, but not as fast as I thought I guess. Monday’s show was really slow to me, they definitely dragged it out a little. The first three dances I didn’t even watch because I was trying to regather my thoughts and figure out what else to put in my paragraphs to make them a little longer. I was so glad when it was over, my feet got a lot longer break than two minutes.

I had completely forgotten about the Tuesday show. The other day, actually I think it was Monday. I wrote out all my shows that we’re starting this week. I couldn’t get my mind to function and I forgot the results show of Dancing With The Stars. Last night I tried my best to be excited again, and stick with it all the way through. I felt like I failed, even though I did get  two different posts from both hours. By the the first three couples that came out to watch their dances over again from the night before I wanted to quit. My feet weren’t rushed as much, but my mind was.

Now that it’s Wednesday, my mind and feet don’t feel as rushed as they did yesterday and the day before. Tonight I have a show that I had forgotten about. It’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Their new season without Christopher Meloni starts tonight. I’m just watching it to see if it’s any good without him. Sounds familiar, right? I haven’t even watched all of Two And A Half Men or Charlie Sheen’s Roast. I’m way behind on both of those. I know my parents recorded it so I can probably watch it this weekend. Charlie’a Roast will be on this weekend, so I’ll watch it soon.

Dancing With The Stars: Hour 2, Results Show

Hour two is the part where everybody finds out who will be eliminated and who will stay. Pro dancers danced at the beginning of the show. They danced to Lady Gaga’s song “The Edge Of Glory.” It was choreographed by Lacey Schwimmer.

First couples to see if their saved or in the bottom 3.
Ricki & Derek : Safe
Elisabetta & Val: Safe
Rob & Cheryl: Bottom 3

They showed clips of everybody meeting each other and how they feel about each other. The DWTS Troop is back. Harry Connick Jr. and LMFAO are special guests. The new troop also performed.

Metta & Peta: Bottom 3
Kristin & Mark: Safe
Hope & Maksim: Safe

Chynna & Tony: Safe
J.R. & Karina: Safe
Chaz & Lacey: Safe

Nancy & Tristan: Bottom 3
David & Kym: Safe
Carson & Anna: Safe

The ending of the show is elimination of bottom 3. Rob and Cheryl are safe. Len gave his thoughts on the two couples. Nancy and Tristan are safe as well. Metta and Peta are leaving the show the round of the new season.

Dancing With The Stars: Tuesday Night, Hour 1

First hour was Dancing With The Stars was about replaying all of the dances of the first night of the season. It started off showing what people were saying right after. Mostly family members and friends of the cast. They replayed the dance of the first three dances and asking them what was going through their minds as they were dancing. Next week if Metta and Peta make it through next week they have the Quick Step.

Second couple was Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer. They talked about the performance and what they were thinking about during the performance. They showed the tape of Chaz not wanting Cheryl as his partner. They also have Quick Step next week if they make it. Rob Karadsian and Cheryl Burke were the third couple. Cheryl had to get him to smile through the performance so she (probably jokingly) talked dirty. They showed Rob counting the steps during their rehearsal.

Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy went over their performance and explained the prop, which was a bed. Len doesn’t like props and thinks that’s why she was off. They are doing the Quick Step. David Arquette and Kym Johnson were next. David says he got lost in the music. Kym said they got back on track afterwards. They played rehearsal tapes and David had a bunch of customes. Carson Kressley and Anna were after. They showed when Carson went into their dressing rooms. They were the ones who got to perform their dance again because it was one of the funniest dances of the night.

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy went over their performance. Kristin and Mark was afterwards. Kristin was nervous, like really nervous. Kristin said she was nervous during the dance, but the audience made her feel better. J.R. and Karina were next. He kept dropping Karina during the spins and almost had to drop that part. They played an awkward situation.

The pros gave their thoughts of the new set and stage. The last three couples. Chynna Phillips and Tony Dolovani and they talked about their performance and during it. Chynna practiced her steps in her head. They have the Jive next week. Nancy Grace and Tristan Mackmnus. Nancy said Tristan messed up, back got back up. They showed a tape talking about confidence. Ricki Lake and Derek Hough went over their first dance. Derek said he was proud of her. Everybody is glad for Derek to be back. Tom asks what the judges think of everybody. This was hour one.