You Again!

So I just got done watching, “You Again” all the way through and it was a fun movie. It had its funny parts to it and then it had some familiar parts to it as well. When I was in high school, I didn’t have people bullying me, but you could feel it a lot that they didn’t like me all that much. Watching this movie kind of made a little happy that I don’t have a brother. Well I do, but that’s a hard to explain.

When I was high school, I was the shy girl and who was friends with everybody. I usually got along with everybody. Even thought there were a few girls in the “popular” that I just couldn’t stand. By senior year, I literally started counting down that way I didn’t have to see them anymore. Most of them were going to different colleges and I knew I wasn’t going to see them at the one I was going to. Who knew I’d quit school and go to football and basketball and see all the girls I didn’t like and thought I would never see again.

There’s only some much a person can take, I took a lot, since these girls thought they were the “shit” and just because they were in sports and had the “in” styles they thought they were something else. I can’t complain, by my senior year, actually I didn’t notice it until our senior dinner that I had my real friends and I didn’t have to change myself and like sports to be in their little clique. I’ve been very tempted to delete of them from my Facebook, but I’ve done that before and readded most of them. I think I might need to do it again. If they never talk to me, I’m not talking to them. Childish? What was high school like for you? Did you have a bully? Did you feel tension between yourself and others?

Dancing With The Stars, Monday Show!

Ron Artest is with newcomer pro dancer: Peta Murgatroyd Their style of dance was Cha-Cha. . Len: Didn’t like it that much. He gave them a 4. Bruno: Thought he needs to work on it. He gave them a 5. Carrie-Ann: Thought it was wrong with the techniques but thought it was entertaining. She gave them a 5 on scoring.

Rob Karadsian is parted up with Cheryl Burke. They are dancing to the Vietnamese Waltz. Bruno thought it was un-relaxed. Carrie-Ann disagreed with Bruno, like always. Len thought the same as Bruno. Scores were given after the commercial. Carrie-Ann gave them a 6. Len gave them a 5. Bruno also gave them a 5 as well.

Kristin Cavallari is partnered up Mark Ballas. They were dancing to the Cha-Cha. Carrie-Ann was excited about watching her dance. Very good Cha-Cha. Len thought it was lively. Thought she kept herself in a little. Bruno thought she needs to fix on some things, but the hotness. She’s got that. They’re scores were given after the break. Carrie-Ann gave them a 7. Len and Bruno gave them a 6.

Chynna Phillips was partnered with Tony Dovoani. They have the Vietnamese Waltz. Len had a smile on his face, he didn’t think it was the best first dance but it was close. Bruno thought she was coming out of a dream. Things could have been there. But liked it. Carrie-Ann thought it was graceful. It was magical. Scores were high. Carrie-Ann gave them an 8. Len and Bruno gave them a 6.

Nancy Grace is partnered up another newcomer Tristan Macmnus. They are dancing to the Cha-Cha. Their setup was her sitting behind a desk like she does on HLN. She changed out of the jacket into her dress. Bruno thought she was gifted. Had the movies and thinks she can handle everything. Carrie-Ann thinks she has sass and thought she needs to remember the moves. Len thought it was to safe. They got their scores after the break. Carrie-Ann and Len gave them 5 and Bruno gave them a 6.

David Arquette is partnered with Kym Johnson. She won last season with Hines Ward. They are dancing to the Vietnamese Waltz. Carrie-Ann thought there was good. Len was very impressed. Bruno thought he looked the part but got tangled into the goddess. All three judges gave them a 6.

Elisabetta Canalis is partnered with Val Chmerkovskiy, who is the baby brother of Maksim. They are dancing the Cha-Cha. Len didn’t like it. He said it wasn’t bad, but she lacked confidence. Bruno thought she was relaying on Val. Carrie-Ann thought the same everybody. All three judges gave them a 5.

Hope Solo is partnered up with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. They are dancing to the Vietnamese Waltz. Bruno thought she has a bright future in it. Thought she needs to relax. Carrie-Ann was impressed with the body contact. Needs to let go of the muscles. Len liked it, but needs to be more feminine. Their scores were good and all the same. They were all 7.

Carson Kressley is with Anna Tresbursaka. They are dancing the Cha-Cha. Carrie-Ann said it was her favorite dance of the night. The pay off wasn’t there but performance was good. Len liked the entertainment and thought he went for it. Bruno said it was worth every dollar. Carrie-Ann and Bruno gave them 6 but Len gave them a 5.

J.R. Martinez is partnered with Karina Smirnoff. They are dancing to the Vietnamese Waltz. Len really liked it and thought it was really up there. Bruno thinks it needs to be brushed up but agreed with Len. Carrie-Ann thought it was emotional quality. Carrie-Ann gave them a 8. Len and Bruno gave them a 7.

Ricki Lake is partnered up with Derek Hough. They are dancing to the Vietnamese Waltz. Bruno knew she enjoyed it all. Thought it was graceful. Carrie-Ann thought it was a one person flow. Len enjoyed it. Carrie-Ann and Bruno gave them a 7. Len gave them a 6.

Chaz Bono is partnered up Lacey Schwimmer. They are dancing to the Cha-Cha. Carrie-Ann said he had great foot work and wanted to see me. Len thought he had good foot and went for it. Bruno said Chaz he should be proud. Carrie-Ann and Bruno gave them a 6 and Len gave them a 5.