Before The Night Begins.

Tonight starts off of my shows. Most of them ended last week and all the fall shows start up tonight. Since it’s Monday everybody will either be waiting to watch Two And A Half Men, to mostly see if it will suck without Charlie Sheen on there. The other show I know a lot of people are ready for is Dancing With The Stars. I’m ready of a new season of that.

My third show is actually The Playboy Club. It premieres tonight at 10pm EST on NBC. Luckily it’s on right after and a channel below Dancing With The Stars. I’ve watched the previews for this show a few times. I’m mostly watching it for the time it takes you back to and the one and only Jenna Dewan-Tatum. I love her to pieces. I can’t wait until it comes on tonight!

I don’t think I have anything to watch tomorow or Wednesday night. I can’t think at the moment about all the shows. I know Thursday and Friday night’s shows, but not Wednesday. Thursday night I have the obvious, The Vampire Diaries and their new show The Secret Circle. I watched it last week and loved it. Friday night I have Blue Bloods. I’m so excited it comes back on! I’ve missed my Donnie Wahlberg fix every Friday night. Even though it’s been reruning season one since it ended I could have had my Blue Bloods fix every Friday night.

What We Did For Fun Before The Computer (via The Biz of Pacelinebiz)

I love this and I agree with everything! 🙂

What We Did For Fun Before The Computer When I grew up, the video game was not invented yet.  The home video game Pong did not come along until I was nearly in my teens.  Al Gore had not invented the internet either.  So, what did we do back then for fun?  Besides dodging dinosaurs we had a lot of fun games that were played outside with other human beings.  For those under thirty years old – outside is the place where that annoying sun glare on your computer screen comes from.  I tried … Read More

via The Biz of Pacelinebiz