Meeting A Celebrity.

I have never met anybody that I really liked and knew about from movies, TV shows, and music. However, I have met major league Baseball players back when I had my surgeries done in 2002. I have the proof in the pictures, baseball, and shirt that they all signed. There were four of them, but I only remember one because he was kind of special. Woody Williams was one of the guys there and when my mom told him that I could write with my feet he gave me a deal. If he gave me his autograph I had to give him mine. So he got up from his seat and I wrote out my name. He was kind of shocked, they all were. That was the only time I’ve met anybody famous.

This weekend the cast members of The Vampire Diaries for a convention in Nashville, TN. Almost of the guys were there, but three. David Anders, Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan, Michael Trevino, and Paul Wesley were all there. I have never went to an convention before and I don’t know if I’d ever go to one because traveling with me is almost impossible. Anyways, I’ve been seeing updates of everybody retweeting the Q&A’s of all these guys. Everybody said David Anders was hilarious yesterday. I just seen a bunch of retweets from Paul’s Q&A today. I’d love to meet all of them or most of them, but I’d be too afraid to ask anything.

I’ve gone back and forth about being a member of Linkin Park’s Underground, which is just fan based community of their fans and if you’re a member you have a chance to do meets and greets. I think that’s cool and all, but it costs too. I’ve tried my hardest to get my mom to pay, but it’s not working. It’s working more on my nana because she’s actually likes Linkin Park kind of like I do. Not as big, but getting there. I’d really, really like to meet them too! They’re like at the top of my list on the guy side to meet.

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