Share Something You’ve Done That You Would Advise Others Never To Do.

Something I’ve done a long time ago, well wasn’t that long ago. More like four years ago and apparently I’ll never be able to forget about it because certain people in my family won’t let me down from the other choices I made concerning my situation. So anyways, hopefully somebody will take a note of this and learn from my stupid mistake.

When I was a freshman in high school. I had a crush, and not a small crush like I wanted. I had a big crush on this guy. I pretty muchh at the time liked everything about him. Including the fact he had the same P.E. class and lunch as me. I sat with my aide to eat but afterwards I sat with my friends and I’d ask them for advice to how to talk to him. I’m naturally a shy person at first. Face to face at least.

They helped somewhat. I wanted some more advice and decided to ask my mom and nana about what I should do. Well they wanted to know everything about this kid. At this point I couldn’t do anything but think about this kid or smile because everybody would know the reason of my smile. Anyways, I told them everything I knew about him. They told me to talk to him at lunch. Well I did and it was awful! I was so nervous and didn’t really get a chance to even talk to him. It was just bad.

So afterwards I thought about other ways to get him to talk to me. Since we didn’t have any classes together then it was even harder to talk to him. There was no way to talk to him in gym. That would be awkwards even though both teachers in there knew I had a crush on him. So I thought about writing him a note and giving it to him at lunch. I wrote this thing in like an hour and even had my mom proofread it for me. I gave it to him at lunch one day when I actually felt brave enough to do it.

After first semester was over, I got changed into this other resource room and I was excited to see him later on. Didn’t think the guy was going to be in a class where I had to do homework in. He walked in and sat down and my heart dropped. I remember coming home and telling my mom that he was in my class where I actually have homework in. When April came, I finally had the chance to talk to him and I succeed. Except to find out he already had a girlfriend. That tore me up. I was kicking myself for waiting so long and ruined my chances. I still talked to him and even got his cell phone number and called him every once and awhile. Screamed after he’d hung up. I made sure he hung up before I did it.

It Finally Feels Like Fall!

Usually we don’t get a long break from summer and then it turns into winter. We usually get like a month break from the summer and then all of a sudden the cold front comes and stays for what feels like forever. I always like that break before winter comes, because since September through November it feels cooler and you can tell in the smells around you in the mornings that’s its fall.

October is coming up sooner than we think. I’ve already seen “Halloween” trend on Trends on Twitter today. It didn’t feel like fall until Thursday morning, my mom and I went over to my nana’s early. I actually had to wear a sweater and socks. Haven’t done that in awhile. It was cool that morning, even though I thought it was freezing to me because I had just gotten up and out of my blanket. I really thought it was cold then.

My dad made breakfast for himself and whoever else that was hungry. I just ate and I thought he was making Thanksgiving two months ahead of schedule. He wasn’t. He was making Biscuits and gravy. I was way off. Maybe I am craving the BIG thanksgiving dinner, even though it’s going to be shorter without some people there. Hopefully this time my Aunt Laurie will be able to join us this year since she was sick last year.

It’s Never The 13th, But Friday’s Are Unlucky For My Family.

I’ve noticed something. Everytime somebody has something wrong with them and they end up being taken the ER it’s always on a Friday. The day is normal and everything, but for some odd reason that night is like diseaster struck. I should have paid more attention to this the first time it happened. The first time this has happened, (the I have been able to remember) was when my nana got choked on her pill on Adam Lambert’s birthday, which was on a Friday. She didn’t go to the ER but my uncle did call an ambulance for her. That was strike one.

The second time was in June, the last week of June and it was a Friday. She, well you don’t want to know what was wrong with her because it was disgusting. It happened on a Friday night, and another factor is that anytime anything happens like this my mom is usually at work. That’s just weird. Anyways, nana ended going to the hospital and stayed there for I think a whole week. I don’t remember how many days she had to stay, but I know it wasn’t that long. She even got to come home on a Friday.

Now my sister got hurt last night at her away game. She fell out of the build and onto the track. She fell on top of the girls so technically they caught just in a bad angle. She landed on her back and neck. She had her trainers look at her afterwards and they said to her that nothing was broken. Since it was an away game, we couldn’t go. My mom also had to work last night too. She came home from the game, and dad looked at her. After when mom came home early, she looked at her too. Apparently, they went to ER last night around 3am. The doctor said she has a mild concussion and soft tissue damage on her neck.

This just crazy that everything unlucky has to be on a Friday, and Friday’s at suppose to be the “good” days, not the bad days. I should stop complaining because it could be a lot worse especially if the Friday was the 13th. Yeah, that would not be fun. My luck and I’d be next since I had to open my mind and think about this.