Mt Eden Dubstep

I’m in my Dubstep mood again. That last one is very relaxing… it might put you to sleep or at least your body to sleep. All of these have good sounds to them. I think I’ve turned into a Mt. Eden Dubstep fan. Even though, I think I’ve known that for awhile. Enjoy these!

Happy Birthday A Thousand Suns!

Today is the first birthday of A Thousand Suns. You could say anniversary, but everybody on Twitter is saying birthday. Unfortunately, I cam home from my nana’s and we didn’t trend it. I was thinking about it and worried about it at my nana’s all morning long. Oh well, the day is still young. We could still try and make it trend later. I know we can do it, if trends would stop being mean to us and trend it. Enjoy these live videos! 🙂