Yummy Soup! Bad On The Tongue.

Last night I actually got my dad to make Potato Soup. It is one of my favorite soups. Not many soups actually fill me up except Potato Soup, Chowder, and Chili. Nothing else fills me up like they do. In the Winterime, soups are the best thing in the world to have especially if you have a cold or sore throat. I live for fall and winter because you won’t get made fun of when you update your status on a social network that you’re going to eat soup and it’s not cold anywhere or you’re not sick.

Well there’s one thing about soups that I hate especially if I don’t want to wait 5 seconds for it to cool down, so technically it’s my own damn fault. Anyways, I burnt my tongue and all my taste buds last night. I always do. Its so sore right now. I couldn’t taste after that first bite and that was the bite where I burnt it. You know though, my mom did what this girl is doing but I think only did it twice before I went for it.

If it’s a soup I like and if I resquest it I’m going to be very excited about it. I can’t help myself. In soups, I can’t feed myself. It’s like that with Ice Cream too. Everything else I can feed myself on my bed. Anytime I have something hot to eat I go for the sides because they’re not as bad as the top, bottom, and middle. You would think I’d learn to wait, right?

Wanting To Draw Again.

It’s been a whole year since I haven’t drawn anything. I don’t know if it’s withdrawals that I’m just now getting or what, but they’re definitely there now. I can’t even stand looking at my Linkin Park drawings, why in the world would I want to start drawing again? I can’t draw without watching other people drawing around me. I use them for inspiration and a little competition. I like to kick some butt or at least try to. I’ve always done that. Since I’m at home now, I don’t know if I’d be able to get anything done. My record to getting one drawing done, the shortest time is four days and the longest time is two weeks. Mike’s took me the shortest and Rob’s took me the longest.

Since The Vampire Diaries is starting this week. I actually really liked to draw all the cast members. I know it’s a lot and I think that’s the reason why I haven’t done it yet. Ten members is a lot more than six. The six almost killed my toes and I don’t know what my feet would do. I haven’t wrote anything in a few months. I haven’t doodled anything since January, and I don’t have that inspiration like I usually have. It’s just something I have in my head that I’d like to do. I’d also like to redo Rob’s drawing too, because his looks awful.

Another reason of probably why I haven’t is because everybody would want me to go back to school and go for drawing. Everybody goes back and forth. It’s either drawing or writing. Everybody wants me to be something or do something. I know how I use to complain about not doing anything, but I think after awhile especially doing this blog. Everything I do, is just for a hobby. I don’t want to do anything as a career. Because maybe I’ve just lost hope in all of it. I’m already losing ideas to do topics on here. I can’t draw without getting mad at myself. I’m just through with it. I might want to do things one day but the next I won’t. That’s just how I am.