That Time Again.

It’s that time again where some seasons of our favorite shows are ending and new ones are starting up after a long wait. It also doesn’t help that sports are starting up like Football started up last week and baseball will be ending soon too. Then it’ll be time for basketball.  I think we never get breaks from anything sport wise. It’s always Baseball, Nascar, Football, and Basketball and all the other sports in between. I’d like a longer break, but if I want to get married one day I’m going to have shut up.

These are some of my shows that are ending or have ended already. Happily Divorced, Hot In Cleveland, and The Closer ends tomorrow. I know I have a few more that end but I can’t think of them right now. However, I do have ALOT that are going to be starting up again. Which means my mind and sleep are going to be so messed up by the time they all end. The shows that start up are: Dancing With The Stars, The Vampire Diaries, Blue Bloods, Tia & Tamera, and Two And A Half Men.

I’m going to be packed again. I’m also going to be doing my Dancing With The Stars weekly posts. Wanting to do The Vampire Diaries too, but I don’t think I’m going to do that because since I don’t want to give away anything to people who wouldn’t be able to watch until Tuesday, after awhile on Twitter you learn some things. Like when The Vampire Diaries is on Thursdays for us in America, it doesn’t premiere until that Tuesday. So yeah, big doubt I’ll be doing that.

What Makes You Smile Like Nothing Else Can?

There are a number of things that can make me happy or just smile when nothing else can. Since I get depressed often things somehow just have to be out of no where to make me happy. Whenever it happens it usually helps me enough to get me out of the depression spell completely. Because then I realize it’s not worth it.

I love when I found funny shows on when I’m depressed or just sad. Sometimes if I can’t find anything funny on TV I usually go to YouTube and look up bloopers and those usually do the trick. Sometimes I even look up stupid crap like crazy accidents on skateboards and bikes. Those scare me more than make me smile but then there are funny ones.

Animals can make me smile. Not the sad stories though. Those just make it worse. Yesterday I watched America’s Cutest Cats and it was so cute. That definitely would have done the trick. I love watching America’s Funniest Home Videos with all the animals. They are hilarious! And yet adorable!

Love Hate Sex Pain

The title is from Godsmack’s song “Love Hate Sex Pain” and I love it so much! I thought I’d go over things that have to do with these four words. I’m going to go through all four words and say what I think about the each of them. Which is going to be interesting. So yeah, I’m going to let loose.

Love: I don’t think I believe in love. I know I don’t believe at first sight. That doesn’t work in favor so why should I believe it? Everytime I’ve met love before it never stayed with me. No matter how hard I tried to make it stay it never did. I think since everything in the society is about appearance. Love at first sight for me, doesn’t work. Which is fine with me. It just makes me know a certain person isn’t worth my time.

Hate: Hate is a strong word.People shouldn’t hate each other. Hate sucks to be honest. It’s also a word we always say instead of “dislike” However, I’m going to use the word, hate because saying dislike is a bit weird. There’s another word “despise” and I’ve been using that a lot lately. There are too words that like the word “hate.” They’re called, “envy” and “jealousy.” Somehow they all go together.

Sex: Haha, this word makes me laugh a little. Sex. Let’s switch this up a bit so we can make this less complicated. Let’s talk about the Opposite Sex. They’re stubborn, brave, idiotic, trendy, denterminated, and beautiful. The female sex though are complicated, make up fiends, stubborn, brave, crazy, and beautiful. I tried to think of more words but my brain doesn’t want to work today. That’s how I’m doing the “sex” part.

Pain: How ironic is this? Talking about pain and guess who has some at the moment? Yup, me. Pain is the worst thing in the world. Physical, mental, and emotion pain sucks. I think emotional pain is the worst to come out of because physical usually lasts about a week or so depending on the wound. Mental pain, does that even exist? I’m thinking about and I don’t have a clue. Pain just sucks, but yet I shouldn’t complain because there are people in this world who can’t even feel pain. Some are thinking, “lucky them” and yet some are thinking  like me, “wanna trade for about a day on a bad day?”

Remember That One Time On The Bus, When…?

I have a lot of crazy stories of the time I rode the bus to school and back home, but there was one story that is just priceless and very funny to try to talk about. Because anytime I try to tell about it I instantly start laughing because my bus driver, at the time he was our sub. Anyways, he did not expect it and neither did I. It’s a funny story and I’m going to share it.

In 2008, we had a sub bus driver. On my bus, we had a total of four students on our bus at the time. Now there’s a story before this, between my friend Nathan and myself our music stations didn’t mess well with each other. It wasn’t til Junior year that I started bringing in my iPod so I didn’t have to listen to Country music ALL the time! Well when Nathan had to stay after school, guess who got to channel the station. This girl.

Anyways, our bus driver apparently liked the Country stations a lot more than he liked mine. We have two pop stations here in my hometown. Well I got on the bus and got strabbed in place and our bus driver changed it to one of the channels. I didn’t know it was going to play these songs, but it did.

The first song that played was “Goodies” by Ciara featuring Petey Pablo. Second song was “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent featuring Olivia. And the last one was “Hot In Here” by Nelly. That was an awkward ride home, believe me. He had that mirror so he can see behind him in the back and for him always telling us after he become our official bus driver that he couldn’t hear the radio. Sadly, I think he heard those three songs. I felt bad afterwards.

When we got up to the house, I was laughing my butt off because of his face. When my mom brought the lift down and greeted my bus driver and I. He said to my mom, “you know her music is a little wild.” I think my mom started laughing after he said that because she was the reason why I even listen to that kind of music. When he left and we went inside she asked me what played and I told her and I thought her eyes were going to come out of her skull. It was hilarious but yet weird. I think it’s safe to say I think he switched the station back to Country afterwards. Can you blame him?

So that’s my story. That’s the priceless story I will never forget.


I wasn’t going to do this because everybody is going to be posting their own posts about it. So I’ll try and keep it sort of short. I don’t really remember what I was doing on September 11, 2001. I do know I was sick and stayed home from school that day. I’m surprised I remember that much. I don’t remember understanding what really happened, at that time. I remember my mom coming home fron work and both her and my nana explaining it after nana watched it on CNN.

This morning I woke up and I thought “it doesn’t feel like 11 years.” Because it really doesn’t. Then an hour ago, I found out that terriosts bombed some of the troops in Afghanistan, or something like that. Which makes me even sadder. I don’t watch the news, I stay as far as I can away from all the new channels on my TV. Sometimes I’ll look up articles but I don’t read anything about this war.  I’m not saying my points and views of the war.