While at my nana’s last weekend. My mom had burst out in the middle of our Two And A Half Men conversation and said that she’s been thinking about joining Netflix. We’ve been into Blockbuster and now Redbox. Redbox isn’t bad but I’ve been waiting for see Soul Surfer ever since it was released onto DVD they never have it because they’ve ran out. Those Redbox machines look so cool. They’re like vending machines!! Oh, sorry my randomness just exploded right there.

Anyways, I like to watch movies and different shows, but everybody knows around noon every single day there is usually nothing on to watch. We have Dish and we have the movie channels as well and there’s a good percentage that nothing good will be on until the next hour. It sucks to wait for something to watch. However at the moment I am watching For Richer or Poorer, its freaking hilarious! Even though I missed the first few minutes of it it’s still good! This will keep me occupied for the whole hour. At least I hope so.


What Decade Or Era Do You Find Particularly Fascinating?

I am into fashion. I’m not high maintence or anything. I love the whole 30s and 40s fashions. The only way I can fully explain which time frame I love the most is Christina Aguilera’s music video for her 2007 single “Ain’t No Other Man” off her album “Back To Bacis.” That whole album, her look and music style just turned me out. I love it!

I am into history as well. The depression sucked. The one in the 30s I mean. Somehow though the rich always knew how to party and dress to impress. The flashly dresses, heels, and hats were woren for the ladies. The gentlemen wore suits and shiny shoes. Nowadays, men only were those for weddings and anything like that. Cigars and alcohol were on hand and Jazz was the main music genre of that time. Who would not love it? I wouldn’t.

Although I love these decade the most there is a second era that I have recently fallen for and you can blame The Vampire Diaries for this. Especially the second season. I love 1800s fashion too! I love the corsets! The poofy tooles of the women and girls dresses. Men still wore the suits and shiny shoes. However, this time around they got by horse and buggy. Everything was homemade. Things were simplier. No facebook drama to worry about like some of us. I’d like to go to both of these time zones and dress myself up in all the clothing from each era.