Finally! After a month of waiting Nick At Nite finally played “Friends” last night. It’s Friends all week long of favorite episodes. I’m so happy! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy since they said they were playing “Mad About You” and “The Nanny” too! They don’t even play Mad About You anymore. They hardly play The Nanny, but thankfully TVLand plays that instead.

This show is like a drug. It’s romactic and hilarious. This whole cast is amazing! Jennifer Aniston is still one of my favorites. Matt Le Blanc was my favorite on the show on the guy side. He was just priceless. I always kind of didn’t like Lisa’s character “Phoebe” she was always too quricky. She overdid things. In simplest terms, she was annoying. Courteney was funny and ditzy and she wasn’t even blonde. David Schwimmer, he was the romantic one of the bunch on the show. Sometimes I felt like believeing in love everytime he did something sweet for Rachel.

Something that my Uncle David pointed out last weekend to all of us. He’s starting to get into Two And A Half Men as well. He said that he kind of acts like Chandler on Friends. At first, I thought he was just losing it but after last night into my fourth episode of the night. Things started to make sense. The clothes and the lines really did look the same. I even texted him last night and told him he was right. Oh my gosh I can’t wait to watch it tonight and watch out for clues and try not to wake dad up because I know I won’t be sleeping tonight.

One And Four

I don’t think sleep and my mind get along anymore. Seems like almost every night I get up and I usually stay up. Three nights ago I went to sleep and woke up at 1am. Then I’d go back to sleep and wake up again this time at 4am. Well after I woke up that day I forced myself to stay up and go to sleep fairly late. Don’t ask what my secret was I don’t have a clue. Anyways, that next night I woke up at the exact same times. 1 and 4am. It was crazy! But that night I got more sleep than the night before but it was just freaky!

Ever since I’ve noticed I’ve been getting up around 4:30am and no will to push myself to go back to sleep. Yesterday I was slightly depressed. Nobody really knew I was except for myself and this blog, but I made it where you need the password and I’m not giving it out because I feel better knowing nobody can read it, but yet I got it all out and afterwards I wasn’t so depressed anymore. Today I’m pushing myself to not be sad or depressed. I made a vow not to be depressed and I intend to keep it one way or another.

Hype Over Mick Jagger.

Ever since Kesha’s released her song, “Tik Tok” I have never heard of Mick Jagger as much as I have now. What is this hype over him? If it wasn’t for Kesha and some of her songs and love for this guy I don’t think I’d ever hear about him. Seems like everybody is releasing something about him in the music world. First Kesha, and now Maroon 5? Not saying it isn’t bad, but what the hell is so cool about him?

Well one thing I know about the start of the real hype. Actually two things. The Rolling Stones and 1960s. Most importantly he’s also Bristish. So the craze of him there is probably bigger there than here. Kesha is how old and has a thing for guys like Mick Jagger. Lord, help us all. Can you imagine millions of mini Kesha’s in the 60-80s? I don’t want to, to be honest with you.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand the hype over this man. One thing, was Steven Tyler so into drugs that he thought, “if I looked like Mick Jagger nobody will ever hate me?” They do look alike. I was trying to post a hating/making fun post. I’m trying having fun with it and I don’t have much flowing there my head to make into a better post. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t know this guy and have never really heard of him since late 2009.

What A Dream.

I have always wanted to travel.
I’ve been on a plane before and it wasn’t that much fun.
Especially trying to go through without the metal dectors going off.
Losing your luggage.
Or anything else like that.
I feel like my inner self has already seen the world.
Since in your dreams, you can take yourself anywhere.
Make stories of two different formats come together.
Like take animated movie and real life and put that together.
You can even dream about marrying that prince you secrectly had a crush on.
Sometimes its the reason why you never want to get up for anything.
Your dream could be so realistic that you never want to leave it.
Because you fear you may never have it again.
Then sometimes you have those bizarre dreams.
Where things don’t make sense to you.
All of your deepest desires come alive in your dreams.
You try and fight it before you fully fall asleep.
When you finally cave in they explode and don’t let you go so easily.
They leave you wanting more and the rest of the day you think to yourself.
5 minutes wouldn’t hurt and then it turns out to be longer than you thought.
People might be staring at you, and you’re thinking to yourself.
What did I say out loud?
But do you ask?
Hell no.
Welcome to your dreams.
Where everything is made up.
Some are successful at making their dreams come true.
For some like me, I’d rather have ten thousands of random dreams.
I don’t want to live mine yet.
Because I know they’re alot more harder to create outside of my brain.
So I’ll live with only making them at night.
And maybe in the day too.