Love Like The Taj Mahal.

Okay, I’ve been thinking about how to go about this post for the past two weeks now. I was going to try and wait for a sweet day but obviously that’s not going to happen. So anyways, here it goes.

Have you ever wanted the person to do something that they wouldn’t have to do on command? Like they would do for you without making a fuss? Knew you wanted something or deserve it and gave it to you? For women, we’re all nodding our heads because they don’t make guys like they use to anymore. It seems like they never want to do something nice and not have to think twice about it. When we do something nice for them something overshadows it. They’re busy or just not in a mood.

Remember when I said. “they don’t make them like they use to anymore?” Seems like men from a long time ago actually valued their wives. Didn’t always take them for granted like they do now. I don’t know if you know this, but the Taj Majal was made by a griefing husband. He made this place as in memory of his wife. Now that’s love. I’m not saying guys need to make houses for their wives, but this is really sweet. It was a sign for their love and showing their love will always live on.

I think if men really cared about their ladies, like REALLY cared. They would show their apperciation to all the things they put their ladies through. Trust me, they’re not easy to tame. That’s why after a few years into marriage you tend to do things you didn’t even know you were doing and your lady is behind you watching you and giggling inside. Two words: you’re whipped. It’s even more brilliant when the high school girls have their boyfriends whipped and he might not even know. We, as women are learning pretty quick. Guys are slowly behind. Maybe one of these days they’ll catch up and maybe we won’t have to do things for ourselves. That’ll be the day. Until then we’ll continue to dream.



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