The Crumbling Friendship With Avril Lavigne Song Titles.

I am [Anything But Ordinary]. [My World] is a [complicated] one.  Sometimes I’m [unwanted] by people I thought were friends with me. There are [things I’ll never say] because of my own being, but I am [losing grip] on everything I’ve ever wanted. [Tomorrow] might be the best day I’ll ever have but yet it may not. [I’m With You] in spirit and [mobile] but that never helps me anymore. Maybe I should just [LET GO]

I tend to [freak out] about the little things. You [don’t tell me] anything about your life anymore. What happened to [my happy ending]? You [slipped away] from me. Which I don’t regret at all. [Nobody’s home] now to answer your text messages anything. [Who knows] we might be friends again, but I gotta do some changing first. So [how does it feel] to be [forgotten?] Not fun is it? I [fall to pieces] all the time watching the clock tick away and you’re still not with me. I wish someone would [take me away] because this is getting [UNDER MY SKIN!]

Now that I’m out of school [I don’t have to try] to be [one of those girls]. [I can do better] than I’ve done lately, but the sadness is still there. You have a have another [girlfriend] and [keep holding on] to a friendship that is starting to fade. [When you’re gone] I know we won’t see each other for a few months. [I will be] fine and my [innocence] starts to show again. Our craziness was [contagious] It was [THE BEST DAMN THING] ever!

[What the hell]? I [smile] at you but you don’t say anything about hanging out? [Darlin] you don’t have a clue how much I want a night out. The text messages saying, “we need to hang out” are [not enough]. I [wish you were here] so you could read this and understand. I [push] for independence but no use. [Everybody hurts] when they’re best friends are busy with other things. Well this is my crumbling frienship, and I just wanted to say [I love you] and I’m going to play my [GOODBYE LULLABY]. 

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