A Documentary That I Think Everyone Should See.

My life isn’t always easy. Life isn’t easy period, but mine gets complicated. Especially the explaining. Being handicapped you have to tell everybody who comes up to you whether it being a kid or an adult about why your hands are a certain way? Where’s your legs? and the most common question I get mostly from kids, “What happened to her?” Picture a five year old saying that and you can not help yourself and smile. Sometimes the questions can drive people crazy. I don’t like explaining because it makes me feel weird. I’m sure I’m not alone there either.

Parents and gaurdians have it rough too. They usually don’t show it. Because they have enough guts to take care of us when lots of people like me get sent to foster homes and places I don’t want to go into. Physically and mentally. To handicapped family members things seem a bit complicated sometimes to explain especially if their parents of a young disabled child. Lots of jealousy will show when they’re around average kids their age. During their teenage years, same thing. Sports and dating is what comes to mind during these years. Handicapped kids can’t do normal sports, or I should say people don’t want us doing normal sports. We have a greater chance of getting hurt. Dating depends who and confidence in themselves. Which family members need to be on hand for the bad days.

So with this whole thing, a documentary that I think everyone should see is anything about a handicapped person. It gives an average person or kid a sense of inspiration. Our life isn’t easy. Nobody’s life is perfect nor easy. So everybody should see their life in a different perpective. It might change your views about us and the people who raise us. But this is just my opinion, but I’ve been right before so I think it would be good for everyone since it’s kind of hard to make everybody in the world handicapped in some sort of way. I’d always like to take all the people who thinks it’s cool to act like us as a joke and actually make them like the person they were acting like for a week. I’m a bitch, who cares? If you’ve lived my life or my parents lives then you can’t say shit about anything.



“The Infamous Petrova Diaries.” We Can Only Wish.

So I put this question on my Twitter and thought I’d blog about it as well. Everybody is Team Elena, which is good because the entire show is about her and her love over the Salvatore Brothers, but we’re forgetting about somebody important here. Katherine Pierce. She is the most important character besides Klaus. They started it. Katherine had a child out of wedlock and Klaus thought she was died. Until last season at least. Now we have no idea what he wants.

Anyways, my question I posted on Twitter was, “Am I the only one who thinks there should be “Katherine’s Diaries?” and I was serious. There’s a Stefan Diaries but not Katherine’s. That would be so freaking amazing too! She’s from the 17th Century, right? I know she’s a lot older than Stefan and Damon. I would love to read about her love triangles with Elijah and Klaus. Life around that time. Her feelings about giving up her child she had. Lots of things I’d like to know. Can you tell I’m Team Katherine yet?

I want to know Katerina Petrova, we already know parts of Katherine. Now we need to hear Katerina’s life. What she had to say about her life. Oh God, I’m loosing my mind. This is a fictional character and I’m talking as she’s real. Excuse me I’m in a weird mood today, but I haven’t read my third volume of Stefan’s Diaries for probably two weeks and I’d just been thinking about the infamous Petrova Diaries and what they’d be like. It would be amazing to hear it all.

Dancing With The Stars Weekly Posts.

So this is the third post I’ve done this week about Dancing With The Stars, I hope you don’t find me obsessed or anything. Even though I already find myself obsessing over this season. My mom’s choices won last season, I’m hoping my choices take over this time. Anyways, though I’d give everybody a heads up I’ll be doing a DWTS Weekly Posts when it does pick up again. Doing weekly posts so twice a week about routine, judge’s scores of Monday night. Then doing the result show from Tuesday night and whoever performs.

I’m still debating on which days to post everything. Should I do it the nights of and post afterwards? Or should I do it all on Wednesday? I’d like to do the two a week but yet I don’t want get myself tired by doing it two a week. I did weekly posts with So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 and The Voice. I ended up stopping in the middle of the season. I never finished. I intend to keep this up all season long. I think it would be good for me as a blogger to show my support. Remember the season starts September 19th and Results Show is September 20th both 8/7c.