Describe Your Ideal Saturday Night.

Ahhh! My ideal Saturday night. I just want to let loose. I’ve had girls nights out before. I’ve just never had a night where I go out and actually party like everyone else. This actually goes with my situation I’m in, a few girls from Oxgyen’s Bad Girls Club are coming to Evansville, IN next month and I’d really like to go. Just two problems: wheelchair and somebody to take me. I can’t necessarily go to a nightclub in a push wheelchair. That would not be the smartest thing I’ve ever done. The other problem of somebody to take me, hardly nobody around my age watches BGC so that would be a diseaster, not to be mean or anything. I would be embrassed if I brought someone with me that didn’t watch their seasons.

So describe my ideal Saturday night, would be to meet Lauren, Sydney, and Judi of BGC next month. If that doesn’t happen I’d be okay too. But how many times do famous people come to Evansville? Yes, I did call them “famous” they are famous. They were the real ones on their seasons. If you disagree or think I’m crazy, well I wouldn’t give two shits what you think. Nothing against Judi, but I’ll always be Team Tucky & Red. That’s my ideal Saturday night for you!

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