Get Your Heart On.

So I just listened to Simple Plan’s new album that came out in June and I’m wondering why I never saw anything about it but just ads for “Jet Lag” featuring Natasha Bedingfield around June or July. Don’t really remember what month I saw them post it on their facebook. The Pulse on Sirius XM channel just started playing yesterday and that’s how I heard it for the first time. Last name around midnight, I watched the music video and really loved it. I’ve been trying to listen to their new album on YouTube since 1:09am this morning. I got through probably three songs before going offline. I just finished up listening to it and I was actually more impressed than I thought I would be.

I’ve always been a fan of Simple Plan. They were one of the first rock bands I started listening to around 2002-03 era. It was Simple Plan, Good Charolette, Evanescence, and Avril Lavigne that ruled that time. Nowadays, it’s Avril Lavigne and some of the other three and lots of other bands that I got into afterwards. I’ve always been interested in Rock music I just didn’t like the “scary” bands. What I’m meaning there is pretty much Five Finger Death Punch, but they’re like the only metal band that I actually will listen to and watch their music videos. Everything else around FFDP is pretty much screwed. I won’t give them half a chance. I have enough rock bands as it is.

Here’s my favorites from “Get Your Heart On” album. Enjoy!

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