Where’s The Fruit And Veggie Tray?

I’m probably going to regret posting this picture because I am hungry. Its 6:22am here and I got up an hour ago. I went to bed early, real early. Trust me, my sleeping habits go with this post. My Aunt Laurie and my cousin Tate are down for a visit at my nana’s. She arrived on Tuesday afternoon and will leave today at 2. I’m not happy that she’s leaving since it will be awhile til she comes back.

Whenever, we know family are coming down. Somebody goes to the store and orders a fruit and vegatable tray. When somebody goes to pick it up they have to get another type of dip for my nana and I. We don’t like the dip in the veggie tray. Diasy is the way! Somebody also has to get more celery. That’s also for me. I only eat the Celery and Carrots on the vegatable tray. Then I eat practically everything on the Fruit tray. (mostly Oranges, Grapes, Pineapples, and Strawberries!) This picture looks like what we get, except we get less celery. My stomach is growing since I posted this picture in the post.

This time we didn’t get one. Even though, when mom, Laurie, and Emily went to get Chicken on Tuesday afternoon, since they didn’t have any Mashed Potatoes, they were going to get the tray’s instead. Well, instead of texting my nana, my sister decides to call her on her cell phone. My nana is on the opposite side of the room. I’m on the right side and thankfully I still remember to work the speaker phone button. I was afraid that she didn’t use it and disabled it. Well she didn’t and it did in face work. Then I forgot to see if her volume was up because apparently my sister couldn’t hear so I had to yell. I’m surprised I didn’t scare my papaw. Anyways, they asked if we wanted the Fruit and Veggie and we said, yes. They came home without either. Instead my Aunt Laurie brought Mac & Cheese. I was okay with it. I’m not going to say no to that at all.

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