Dear Kindle, Why Do You Have To Be So Expensive?

I love to read, I’ve never been a BIG reader like some people. I actually never liked reading until I got into High School. Big shoutout to my freshman English teacher Mr. Powell for telling us on our first day of high school lives that if you didn’t like to read you were going to fail his class. So with that being said, I lived for Friday’s in his class. By the end of freshman year, I had read most of our school’s “Dear America” books. I was obsessed with those books.

That’s what I started my kind of Biography type books. Then I got into a few others, I remember reading “Confessions Of A Not “It” Girl” and another book that was about Hip Hop but I have no clue what the title was. I enjoyed both books the first one especially. I could even read it now if I could find it. I even tried to ademptting to read “Twilight” but that didn’t work out since I had watched the movie. I give in to all the hype.  

Since then I’ve read (TVD) Stefan’s Diaries Volume 1 & 2 on my own. I even read the first few characters of “Bloodlust” at Walmart while my mom and sister were getting their nails done. I had to remember the page number for three weeks until my mom (actually Emily) found it at the library. Then I finished. I was so surprised at myself. I started reading a separate series without being at school. Without having someone tell me to read a book. I’m very proud of myself on that. I have yet to find “The Craving” and I even went to Walmart yesterday and they didn’t have it. I wasn’t very happy about that.

Right now, I am reading Bristol Palin’s memoir “Not Afraid Of Life” with Nancy French. I am the only one in my family who likes the Palin family. I rooted for Bristol on Dancing With The Stars, even when everyone didn’t want her there I was still cheering and happy for her to continue with it. She’s very inspiring! I like how she says that “sermon sleep was the best sleep ever.” I use to fall asleep in the pew too, if I was in the pew I’d sit by my nana and fall right to sleep. When mom did her Bible sessions or something like that I’d bring my pillow and blanket and go in a pew and sleep. It was very peaceful just to sleep somwhere you didn’t feel paranoid.

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