What’s Your Favorite Summertime Sound?

Even though summer is almost over, school’s starting, and kids are in school learning and some wishing they were homeschooled. Might as well be truthful. In the summer, there are a lot of things I love to hear. Some may surprise you and then some you might even agree with. Let’s pick the most common sound that everybody either hates or loves. The sound of someone mowing their yards. You know? People only do it when it’s hot outside and every teenage girl goes out on a hunt during this time. Because there’s a good chance there’s a guy they know or don’t know and he’s got his shirt off. It makes their day 10x better seeing a guy with their shirt off.

I’ve always loved Wind Chimes. I love ones like this one in the picture. My nana has a Wind Chime of sea shells. It’s really old and she keeps it inside but it’s still hanging up and very pretty. I love the bulky ones and ones that are made out of glass. They seem to make the most noise out of all of them. There’s a lot of people who hate Wind Chimes because they can get pretty loud if there’s a lot of wind. When it’s just a breeze it’s like heaven on Earth.


Frank And Marie From Everybody Loves Raymond.

I am so going to be in so much trouble with this post it’s unbelievable. Everytime I watch Everybody Loves Raymond it just makes me very happy. It’s a hilarious show to watch if you haven’t watched it yet or wanting to but you’re unsure about it. Trust me, after one episode you are hooked and maybe even think some of the characters act like your own family members.

Frank and Marie are my favorite characters out of the bunch. They are so crazy! Frank isn’t really that bad, but man! Marie, if she was my mother-in-law or my mother I’d probably shoot myself. Not even kidding! I’d change my locks about twice a year or even two months. It depends on the situation. I don’t even see myself getting married and maybe it’s because of the mother-in-law I’d be afraid to have. That actually gives me chills.

On certain occasions, my grandparents (on my mom’s side) have showed their Frank and Marie personalities. When they get in little arguements in front of me. My insides are laughing but yet I’m the one whose telling them to stop. They sound like Frank and Marie whenever they fight. Usually papaw starts it and then sometimes it’s the other one. They are a funny bunch let me tell you.

New Movies I Want To See

This is one out of I don’t know how many movies I actually want to see. This movie recently came out so I desperately want to see it now. I love action movies. I love girl power action movies. I also love Zoe Saldana as well so I definitely want to see this movie. It looks as if it’s Bad Boys but the girl verison and she’s the only one, she doesn’t have anybody else. So this is movie number one.

This is number two, even though I actually want to see this one even more than any of the others. So it should be first, but I don’t know. I love dance and I actually thought it was going to be about 1980’s time era and music but I guess I was wrong, which is fine by me. I love Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid. I don’t have a clue of who the boy is though and it’s about to drive me crazy! I know him but yet I don’t. The face is familiar. Ugh!

This is movie number three. I love comedy movies! You know it’s a going to be a funny movie when Seth Rogen is in it. Just that simple. I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Oh, he is so cute! He’s definitely cute in the movie “Stop-Loss” too. Has his funny moments and downers, but he’s a really good actor. I saw Anna Kendrick is in it as well. Which makes me very happy! I love her. I’d like to see this movie.

Okay, the title kind of makes me wonder especially only seeing one trailors until this one I’m actually understanding the meaning for the movie title now. Two things, well really it’s three things: Taylor Launter is in this film, which makes me a very happy girl at the moment. Mario Chello is also in this movie. I love her as well. She can definitely kick some ass. This movie is an action. Thank you God!

This movie is going to be one hell of a tear jerker. I was just watching the trailor and almost cried. I know I’d love it but seeing it in a theater. Don’t think so. I’ll wait to see it on DVD. There’s no way in hell I’d see it in theaters. I’ve cried in movies before but I can’t watch any of animals or people that are handicapped. It kills me inside and then I cry and if its my idea to see it everybody gets mad at me because I picked it. So yeah, I’ll wait.

Movie Soundtracks.

I am addicted to movie soundtracks. I can’t get enough of them. If I watch an action movie about 90% of the time I’m listening to what the background music is making us jump five feet in the air or sit in our seats and cry. You can always know what’s about to happen next because the music goes right along with the storyline. I’ve found out in really big action movies that the music gets faster and louder when the story starts to pick up the pace.

I love how in different movies you hear things you’ve never really heard before, like tribal music. Some people have never heard it before and for people like me. I can’t get enough. In movies like Avatar it’s a tribal like sound. I’m listening to the soundtrack on YouTube trying to think and it’s not really working. Something about tribal like sounds just make me happy. Maybe it’s my inner Native American kicking inside me.

When I was in 5th grade, at least I think it was that year. We got to go to see an orchestra play and while everybody got to sit in the balcony, the four of us who were in wheelchairs got to see from front row. I got to say front row isn’t all that cracked up to be. Especially since the stage was so high you literally had to stretch your neck out to see. It was amazing to watch though. I’ve never seen so many insturments in my life.

Dancing With The Stars New Cast!

Although it’s not suppose to be revealed until tonight. Apparently it was leaked from Twitter the entire list of cast members for the new season. I don’t know about you but I am literally shaking from the excitement right now. I’ve been ready for the new season since the last one eneded. I am addicted to DWTS, it’s not even funny. So I’m going to list the cast and professional dancers. Maybe, I will give my guesses of who will be teamed up with who as well.

The new cast: Nancy Grace,Kristin Cavalleri, Ricki Lake, Chynna Phillips, Hope Solo, Elizabetta Canalis, David Arquette, Rob Kardashian, Ryan O’Neal, J.R. Martinez, Chaz Bono, and Ron Artest. The professional dancers are: Tony, Derek, Mark, Val, Tristan, Maks, Cheryl, Kym, PETA, Karina, Lacey, and Anna. I think Val, Tristan, and PETA are new. I am so excited that Derek Hough is coming back! So happy!

Considering I don’t know Val, Tristan, and PETA. I don’t know who to pair them up with. I’m going to pair everybody up with each other now. Hopefully, I’ll be right with someone tonight. That’d be nice. Ok, so let’s do this.

I think Nancy Grace will be paired with either Tony or Maks. Can you imagine her with Maks? They would be fun to watch especially since they’re both a little looney at times. My gut is saying she’ll get paired with Tony though. Kristin Cavalleri, I love Kristin and I think she’s get paired with Derek. I hope at least. Ricki Lake will be paired with Mark. I could see that. Rob Kardashian will be paired with Karina. David Arquette maybe Anna. Ryan O’Neal with Kym. Ron Artest maybe with Kym. I don’t know everybody else though. I think not knowing Val, Tristan, and PETA is making want to wait and see. So I’ll watch tonight and hope for the best!