Linkin Park + Dubstep

I am very big Linkin Park fan and I love searching for their old songs and laughing my butt off sometimes. They’ve learned so much I’m glad they’re out of that “awkward” stage in the music business. I got into Linkin Park in 2007. I got into Fort Minor in 2006. For this girl, every band/group always has a cute guy in it. Mine at first was Mike Shinoda. Thats why I say Fort Minor was first. I remember hearing “In The End” and “Numb” through 2004 and on. I just wasn’t too into them. Since getting into “Minutes To Midnight” I’ve actually loved their new sound better than their old stuff. I’m not saying I don’t like their old stuff. I’m just saying from MTM to ATS were better.

I am always searching for dance mixes as well. There’s always a time where I find really good mixes. It’s just a habit I have. I have always loved dancing and finding really good music. I think I’m like an addict. All I want are dance mixes. So sometimes when I find people remixing Linkin Park songs, I kind of have to be open minded. Since being a Linkin Park fan, and liking MTM to ATS other hardcore Linkin Park fans kind of make fun of you if you’re not just a Linkin Park fan. I do it anyways. If they don’t like it. They can unfollow me on Twitter.

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