Transformers Soundtrack

I was just listening to this and was thinking about what Steve Jablonsky said about how in the last two movies were upbeat songs [talking about the reason of using a slower song “Iridescent” in this Transformers because it’s a rescue. So more serious than the last two movies.] Just as soon as this song starts you immediately know the serious-ness of the concempt of the movie. I kind of like it. I haven’t got to see the move it, but if that’s what the music sounds like I think I’m going to love it.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Today is the 29th which is also the day that Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is released to theaters and iMax in 3D. This is the second movie I’ve been waiting for since I heard that they were starting production in 2010. Actually I’ve been waiting for this since after I saw the second movie in theaters in 2009. I left that movie theater ready for the third one and hoped Linkin Park would be in it as well. I got my wish.

I am kind of worried though. When I went to see Fast Five in theaters. I went with my uncle, cousin and sister. Whom by the way, has never seen any of the last four movies. Poor girl! She didn’t understand the characters and storylines from the past movies. Technically, now she can say she’s seen the first anf fifth. She just has to see the rest to get the rest of the characters. Maybe when that movie comes out on DVD I can get my mom to rent all the Fast & Furious movies just to go over everything with her.

Anyways, sorry about the ranting about the Fast & Furious movies. I don’t want to wait too long to see this movie. I really don’t want to wait til it goes out on DVD to watch either. There’s no fun in waiting and watching it with both of your parents. My mom went with me to see the second and oddly enough so did Em. So I kind of hope for a miracle. I don’t want to see it in 3D. Because I’d probably freak me out with the sounds and glasses. I’d rather not pee on myself either. So I hope my mom surprises me with a trip to go see it within the next weekend, but I doubt she will. I can always hope she will though!

The Closer.

I wasn’t very into this show when it first came out. My mom was of course. I remember the first episode I first watched with my mom. I just came home from school and was talking to her about my day and she was watching the episode of the day. It was the one with the lady falls out of the casket with Flynn and Provenza’s friend furenal. A bride gets mad at the LAPD because they were ruining her wedding and she and Brenda get into an aguement and the bride pretty well kicks the shit out of her. I lost it! It was so freaking hilarious!

That was probably three years ago and now I’m out of the school with nothing to do. Might as well try and see what all the fuss is about. I’ve been watching the ones that came out in 2007 and 2008. I’m as excited as my mom about the new season. Even though she swears its the last season when I already knows its not. Because if it was they would have called it the “Farwell Season.” It’s not called that, so she’s fine.