Transformers Movies.

I am a big Transformers movies girl. I think watching all of those Fast & Furious movies have cursed me from ever becoming a girly girl. I hardly ever watch a chick flick but I am addicted to action and comedy movies. I actually didn’t see the first Transformer movie until a year after I seen the second one. I watched it on TNT and I was amazed, but the second one had already taken over. So the second one was automatically is my favorite. 

I love everything about these movies! The cars and trucks, the men, and music of course. I am actually going to be truthful, people think Linkin Park was the reason why I got into the whole Transformer movies. Not really, they were second. Shia Labouef was first.

Ain’t he cute? I wasn’t into the Even Stevens craze in the 90s. Instead I liked Hilary Duff, but thats another story. I thought him in the first Transformers movie was good, he had some funny parts. I, of course was jealous because look at the car he drove throughout the movie? Hello? That’s a nice ass car! Actually every vechile was nice in the movies. Wonder how many semi truck drivers wanted their trucks like Optimus Prime? I know I would.

One thing I don’t like about the tired movie. Megan Fox is not going to be in it. On the behalf of every guy and some girls who have a girl crush on her I say I hate Michael Bay, for replacing her with a freaking Victoria’s Secret model (which I doubt all the guys are pissed off about that) and she’s a blonde. Do the words “Brunette’s do it better” mean anything to you? It’s going to be weird for all of us seeing a blonde playing “Mikaela.” Yes, I am a bitch, but your approval isn’t needed. I will miss Megan Fox in the new movie.


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