The Dancer In Me.

If I wasn’t handicapped. Stuck in my wheelchair or my bed all day. If my legs worked right and I had some muscles in them too. This is what I’d be doing. Dancing. I love watching dance movies and dance videos on YouTube. When I go to Basketball games at my old high school to watch my sister cheer. I would live for when the dance team gets front and center. Doing turns and twists and making everybody look at you without thinking if they’re just cheering you on just because you’re a pity. They wear cute costumes and glow when the light hits them.

I would love to learn to dance. I think that’s why I’m always searching for different music. Just to see what sounds good and if you can dance to it. I daydream about myself dancing to my favorite songs. I’ve danced with the hot dancers in movies and it makes me sad. I am addicted to Dancing With The Stars. Its made me love the Tango and Waltz. I use to hate slow dances but then after awhile I noticed something. The slower the song, slower the dance, and longer dress. The dresses the dancers wear are gorgeous!
I already have rhythm in my hips and I can count in the steps but its the standing up long enough that’s more complicated. I’ve noticed more that Rock music is only made for Strippers to dance with. Everything else is fine with modern dances. I love Ballet and Hip Hop the most. The whole Prima Ballerina is in me I swear. I love the dance movie “Step Up” because it had Ballet and Hip Hop in it. I love when I see guys dancing! It makes me smile! The guys get very creative with their moves.
If you were to ask me how many dance movies I’ve seen I wouldn’t be able to tell you because I have no idea. I’m that addicted. I can do (not that I think about it) the Cupid Shuffle. I can do the sitting done Cupid Shuffle. Yes, it can be done! I can also make my chest pop. At school dances I’ve gotten a few pointers watching everybody else but I’ve also gained some sadness from it too. Since I can’t do the other dances like Ballet, Hip Hop and my newest Burlesque it makes me sad. The Dancer inside of me wants to come out that’s probably my sign I listen to too much music. I have my headphones on right now and I can’t control myself to stand still. Oy, I’m crazy!