Do You Remember 2000 Being The Year We Were Suppose To End?

I just remembered something. It was something that my mom had told me a while back and we were talking about 2012 not today. By that time nobody was saying anything about today’s date. In 2000 internet wasn’t as big as it is now. If we didn’t have the internet now nobody would be freaking out. Some people in different areas woun’t be going insane right now.

2000 was the year we were suppose to end. But we didn’t. We are STILL here! I wonder whoever said in the year 2000 we were suppose to end? I wonder what he was thinking in 2001. 2002. As well as 2003. To the people who has make this day the most scariest and craziest you are mean! You are making people who think it is gonna end, end their lives. If we don’t die tonight and a bunch of people have killed themselves, I sure hope the people who started this will be happy. I maybe a bitch right now, but only God can judge me and I bet he would NOT want people ending their lives because of a hoax.

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